Lululemon Wunder Train Review: Honest + Unsponsored

This Lululemon Wunder Train Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest opinion as a busy mom working on updating her wardrobe!

When Lululemon first announced they were dropping the iconic Wunder Under leggings, I was in shock and couldn’t imagine a drawcord legging replacing it.

lululemon wunder train review

But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

This Wunder Train review features:

  • an honest reaction to the new Wunder Train tights
  • do Wunder Trains stretch
  • does Wunder Train pill
  • how to wash Wunder Train leggings
  • whether the old Wunder Under or Wunder Trains are better

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Lululemon Wunder Train Review: Honest + Unsponsored

I was super impressed with these leggings from the moment I pulled them out of the package (I ordered online when they were first released).

The material is high quality, compressive, and opaque even in a fun color like the red I chose.

I went with the 23″ length since I couldn’t get anything other than black in 21″ – nearly all my leggings are black so I wanted to try something different, haha!

wunder train review

The standout features of these leggings are the hidden waistband pocket and drawcord.

The pocket isn’t huge but there’s enough room for a couple of cards and a key!


Wunder Train leggings are made with Lululemons Everlux fabric.

The pocket lining is 56% polyester, 33% Coolmax polyester, and 11% lycra elastane while the body is 77% nylon and 23% lycra elastane.

If you’re familiar with Align leggings, the fit is a bit tighter as these leggings feature a bit more compression.


Wunder Trains are true to size.

No need to size up or down, take your usual number and enjoy!


Wunder Train leggings come in four different lengths:

  • 21″
  • 23″
  • 25″
  • 28″

I bought my Wunder Trains in the 23″ length and am just about 5″6.

They come down to about an inch above my ankles which is a comfortable length for my liking.

lululemon wunder train


The Wunder Train leggings come in both the regular Lululemon fit and a new Contour Fit.

What is Lululemon Contour Fit?

Lulu’s Contour Fit features an adjusted hip-to-waist ratio to provide more room for curvy hips and thighs plus a narrower waistband.

Contour fit is available from sizes 0 to 14.

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wunder train comfortable


Wunder Train leggings cost between $88 to $128 depending on your preferred length and print.

Both the 21″ and 23″ cropped lengths start at $88 while 25″ and 28″ lengths begin at $98.

While the price is expensive, Lululemon has been consistent in keeping their most popular leggings styles at under $100.

If you read my recent Align Tank review, you already know how unimpressed I am about the 20% price markup on this popular top!

But back to leggings, I truly feel that these are worth the investment.

So long as you care for them properly, Lululemon leggings tend to hold value.

And when you’re ready to move on, you can easily sell them on Poshmark.

There is a TON of Lululemon available on there and A LOT of sellers even have items that are brand new with tags still on for less than retail!

You can use my code NSLIVARICH to get $15 off your first order.


At the time of writing this post, there are 13 different colors to choose from in the full-length leggings!

The cropped lengths are available in 10 colors.

wunder trains stretch


I love these leggings for yoga and weight lifting!

The compression feels fantastic whether you’re in static positions or moving frequently.

I never used them for spinning or running as I preferred the barely-there feeling of Aligns for high-intensity cardio.

Wunder Train vs Wunder Under

Wunder Trains feature a drawcord while Wunder Unders don’t!

That said, if you don’t like the drawcord, it’s actually pretty easy to remove.

wunder train drawcord

The old Wunder Unders had a tendency to stretch in the waist area so this feature was added as a remedy to a longtime issue many wearers experienced with the previous generation of this legging.

How to Wash and Dry Wunder Train Leggings

Wash your Wunder Trains inside out using a gentle detergent with like-colors and similar fabrics and NEVER launder them with abrasive fabrics like denim and velcro.

You should also avoid washing them with cotton as this rubbing can contribute to pilling.

This is the same reason I avoid machine drying my Lululemon leggings as much as possible!

Laying them flat to dry prevents pilling and unnecessary stretching.

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wunder train

Wunder Train Dupes

Want a nearly identical experience for a fraction of the price?

Try these Lavento leggings from Amazon!

They’re available in sizes 2 to 12 and come in 30 different colors.

Plus you can get four pairs for the cost of one pair of Lululemon leggings.

The feel of these leggings is somewhere between Wunders and Aligns but they don’t have a drawcord.

I haven’t found a dupe with this feature yet but will update this post when I do!

These are true to size, so go with your usual number.

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Final Thoughts: Lululemon Wunder Train Review

I love the addition of the waistband drawcord on Lululemon’s new Wunder Train leggings!

Especially as you start working out a lot, it makes a big difference when you’re between sizes.

My Wunder Under leggings had a large gap in the mid-section from years of wear and stretching but the drawcord creates an adjustable cinch waist.

That said, I prefer these leggings as a workout tight rather than for running errands or daily wear – Aligns are better for this.

Wunder Trains are made with the Everlux fabric while Aligns use Nulu.

Everlux has a bit more compression than Nulu does!

Have you tried Wunder Trains yet? What length will you choose?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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