About Us

diy couple gardenWelcome to Inspired Plum

We’re Nikki and Juraj and we created Inspired Plum to share just how beautiful life at home can be.

You’ll find ideas for creating beautiful spaces indoors and outdoors, healthy recipes, and wellness tips.

About Nikki and Juraj

We’ve been actively DIY-ing and renovating our home since 2018.

Between his passion for gardening and mine for beautiful spaces and meals, we wanted a way to spread that joy with others.

We believe that every day at home should feel like a vacation!

Here’s a few fun facts about me and Juraj.

1. We met at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Juraj and I both went out to celebrate Slovakia beating Russia 2-1 and our lives changed forever that night – our first date was the Slovakia versus Sweden hockey game!

We celebrate a dating anniversary on February 19th every year because of it in addition to our wedding anniversary on July 5th.

home decor diy couple

2. I’m Croatian, He’s Slovak

Although I was born in Vancouver, BC, my family is originally from Croatia and I have very strong ties to my heritage – I speak the language, love the food, and hope to live there 6 months of the year one day in the near future!

My maiden name has Slovak origins.

Juraj is Slovak and was born in Bratislava – but he has a Croatian last name!

Can you say fate?

3. Our last name means Plum

Our blog’s name is a play on our surname 🙂

The Sliva in Sliva-rich means plum!

4. We were blessed with two little girls

Marina and Nadia are the loves of our lives.

I thank God every day that I get to follow in my mother’s foot steps and be a girl mom!

home decor family

5. I have a degree History and Criminology

I majored in European history with a focus on Slavic studies – the Balkans and Czechoslovakia piqued my interest most.

I used to spend my spare time studying Slavic linguistics.

6. Juraj works on the biggest movies in town

If you see a huge movie set anywhere in Vancouver, BC, my husband could very well be on it!

Juraj has worked on some of the biggest feature films in town including the box office record holder, Sonic the Hedgehog.

At the time of writing this, he’s working on the sequel 🙂

I also worked on set at one point – in both the Locations and Makeup departments!

These days, I work from home managing my other blog, Nikki Blogs, as well as our marketing/film industry rental company, Slivarich Productions Inc.

diy husband and wife

7. We once drove from Flensburg, Germany to Makarska, Croatia

We finally went on our honeymoon a year after we go married and took a road trip through Europe.

Tickets to Copenhagen were significantly cheaper than anywhere else at the time and I always wanted to see Denmark so, we started there and worked our way to the Croatian coast.

8. I lost 35 pounds in 3 months when I combined Noom and Peloton

Between keeping track of my diet and doing Peloton classes five or six times a week, I lost a pretty impressive 35 pounds eating about 2,000 calories a day – in just 3 months.

I didn’t deprive myself though – I just paid attention to the things I was and was NOT doing!

Focusing on movement and nutrition daily literally changed my life and I’ve never felt better than I do today!

You can use my Peloton referral code ( MXUWCA ) to save $100 off the purchase of your bike.

9. He could live in his garden 365 days a year

When he’s not working on set, J’s either hanging out with the girls or outside in the garden!

No one knows how to take care of a plant better than this guy.

10. I LIVE for Balkan trap music!

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I’m not afraid to share it in my IG stories.

2Bona is my absolute favorite – SO good!