Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Review: What It Holds + Why You Need It

This Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest opinion as a busy mom working on updating her wardrobe!

I don’t know about you but I DREAD carrying a purse some days.

everywhere belt bag review

Between the kids, groceries, and other errands I’m constantly running, I just don’t like the added weight of a purse on my shoulder.

This Everywhere Belt Bag review includes:

  • Dimensions and volume
  • What it holds (with pictures!)
  • Where to get it used
  • How to wear a belt bag
  • How to adjust this fanny pack
  • Material
  • Where it’s made
  • How to wash it
  • Two closest Everywhere Belt Bag dupes

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Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Review: What It Holds + Why You Need It

Short trips and the bare minimum for the win!

This fanny pack is perfect for my style and I was actually surprised how much I could fit into it.

I actually used it as a diaper bag today and can’t wait to show you everything I got inside.

It was amazing and everything I needed on the go.

lululemon fanny pack

First Impressions of this Lulu Fanny Pack

First off, I am OBSESSED with this color – it’s so happy and feminine!

But as for the bag itself, WOW is it light!

According to my kitchen scale, it weighs just 6.5 ounces – that’s about as much as a box of 12 K-Cups (seriously go lift it up if you’ve got one in your kitchen).

If you prefer to carry a bag that feels like you’re not wearing one at all, this is definitely the right choice.

lululemon belt bag worth it

Opening the main compartment, I was also blown away by how much room there was and knew I’d be able to fit at least a diaper or two plus wipes and my wallet inside.

Well, wouldn’t you know it!

best diaper belt bag lululemon

Switching my baby wipes out from their “official dispenser” into a zip lock bag lets me pack extra light – I have 10 on hand.

The diapers here are Huggies size 3 (for my 11 month old).

And my micro-wallet is enough to hold 10 cards, some cash, and receipts.

I like to carry my phone and keys in my jacket pocket so, get this – I even had room for two snacks for the girls!

lululemon belt bag pink fit

Seriously, this bag is perfect for those of us who prefer to pack light while being prepared.

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How do you wear a Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag?

You can wear this fanny pack five ways:

  • Cross-body front
  • Cross-body back
  • Bum bag
  • Hip bag
  • Over your shoulder

Cross-Body Front

Wearing this bag across your chest gives you easy access to all of your things.

Need to pay for something? It’s there!

Want to give your kid that snack you packed earlier? Boom!

everywhere belt bag 1l volume

Cross-Body Back

This is my preferred way to wear this bag.

I like how minimal the strap feels across my chest and just pull up on the strap as if it were an escalator when I’m ready for the goodies I packed.

Bum Bag

It looks super cute this way and feels comfortable in the middle of your lower back or to one side.

Hip Bag

Kind of like the front cross-body look, wearing this fanny pack the way it was intended to be worn lets you have access to everything you need right away.

Over Your Shoulder

You can wear it like a purse too – if you really want to!

Is the Everywhere Belt Bag Waterproof?

No, the Everywhere Belt Bag is NOT Waterproof.

It is Water-Repellent.

This means that you can wear it from your home to your vehicle in a torrential downpour without worrying about the things inside getting wet!

But it’s not recommended for standing outside all day long in the rain like we tend to do here in the Vancouver film industry.

lululemon everywhere belt bag pink

Everywhere Belt Bag Dimensions and Volume

The Everywhere Belt Bag measures 7.5″ x 2″ x 5″ (19cm x 5.5 cm x 13cm) with a 1L volume.

What is the Everywhere Belt Bag Strap length?

Fully extended, the strap length of this fanny pack is 35.75″ – I personally couldn’t get mine to go any longer with the thick double loop between the adjuster and clasp.

The other smaller clip-in section strap measures 1.5″.

lululemon belt bag review

How do I tighten my Lululemon Fanny Pack?

I personally found the adjustment strap on this bag quite stiff!

But it can be done with LOTS of patience.

To tighten your fanny pack:

  • lift and push up the longest part of the strap towards the plastic adjustment piece so that it forms a loop
how to tighten lululemon belt bag
  • pull up on the loop as much as you’d like to take in so that it sits in the middle of the adjustment piece
  • now, firmly pull the strap from the opposite side from the top section
  • weave the top part of the strap (between the clasp and the adjusment piece) through the strap connection piece of the clasp and pull to tighten the strap
adjust lululemon fanny pack
  • try on your bag and adjust as needed!

What is the Everywhere Belt Bag made of?

This Lulu fanny pack uses two materials:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon

The mesh and lining of the bag are both 100% polyester while the body is 100% nylon.

Where is the Everywhere Belt Bag made?

The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is made in Vietnam.

belt bag strap length lulu

How to wash Everywhere Belt Bag?

Machine washing this fanny pack is NOT recommended.

Instead, spot clean it with Dawn dishwashing liquid, gentle detergent, or baby wipes!

I usually have WaterWipes in my bag anyway and use them to treat messes as they happen.

Lululemon also advises the following:

  • Do NOT bleach
  • Do NOT tumble try
  • Do NOT iron
  • Do NOT dry clean

Doing any of the above can result in unrepairable damage to your bag!

Where to Buy a Used Everywhere Belt Bag

You can find gently used Everywhere Belt Bags on:

  • Poshmark
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Ebay

If you sign up for Posh, use my code NSLIVARICH to save $15 off your purchase!

What is the Best Belt Bag?

This Lululemon Belt Bag is definitely my favorite!

I adore the minimal design and logos, micro but roomy interior space, and back pocket on this bag.

pink lululemon belt bag

Everywhere Belt Bag Dupe

In my opinion, this fanny pack is the closest thing to the Everywhere Belt Bag.

It has the same minimal design and shape as the Lulu fanny bag without a zippered front pocket.

The difference lies in the two-zippered side design – better if you like to separate your goodies.

In terms of nice color options, this ZORFIN belt bag DEFINITELY has more variety and even features a Pink bag that’s super close to Lulu Pink Pastel fanny pack.

The look is a bit different since there’s a bright gold zipper on the front of the bag and the shape is more rectangular than the Everywhere Belt Bag.

There are also two zippers at the opening of this bag.

lululemon everywhere belt bag dupes

Everywhere Belt Bag Review: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re always on the go, a mom, light traveller, or all the above, the Everywhere Belt Bag is definitely a convenient little option that “packs” a punch.

The style, lightweight, and barely-there presence have turned it into my go-to bag.

Which color will you choose? Let me know in the comments!

Enjoy wearing this everywhere, friend 🙂


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