Lululemon Energy Bra Review: Honest Unsponsored Opinion

This Lululemon Energy Bra review comparison is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest opinion as a busy mom working on her fitness!

lululemon energy bra review

The right sports bra can make such a big difference in your workouts!

Because when you feel good, you perform better!

Keep reading to find out:

  • is the Lululemon Energy bra worth it?
  • do Lululemon bras run small?
  • is the Energy bra good for running?
  • the difference between Longline, Medium Support, High Support, and Adjustable Energy Bra styles
  • Energy bra sizing
  • how to wash an Energy bra

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Is Lululemon Energy bra worth it?


I bought several Lululemon Energy dupes before I invested in a real Energy bra and WOW – what a difference!

The material is thicker and more supportive than many other sports bras I’ve tried in the past.

lululemon energy medium impact

Do Lululemon bras run small?

In my experience, Lululemon bras are true to size.

I normally wear a 34D and a size 8 fits me comfortably in Lulu bras.

You can check out Lululemon’s sizing guide here.

There’s even a bra quiz that estimates your size based on other brands and fits!

lululemon energy bra sizing

Are Lululemon bras good for running?

Yes, but I personally don’t find the original Energy bra the most comfortable choice for running.

I don’t enjoy the bounce I experience in this bra for the 30 seconds I’m running upstairs to get my baby mid-Peloton workout!

I can’t imagine running in it.

In my experience, the Energy Bra High Support and Run Times bras are better for running.

Here’s what the high-impact version of the Energy bra looks like – it’s super comfortable and keeps everything in place.

lululemon running bras

I wear a size 34D and take an 8 in this bra.

There are also three clasp lengths to choose from on the back and two of four of the racerback straps are adjustable.

A Note on Color

This is the pink mist color – I originally got the Adjustable Energy bra in this color but the outline around the removable pads was way too noticeable.

Since the high impact has a built-in one-piece bra pad, it’s a better choice for lighter colors.

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Lululemon Energy Bra Medium Support

I am in L-O-V-E with this bra.

The Wee Are From Space Nimbus Battleship/Pink Puff combination is adorable and I had my eye on it for a while before I finally tried it on and brought it home.

lululemon energy bra medium impact try on

Well, it did NOT disappoint!

This bra is super easy to put on and provides the right amount of support for moderate-intensity spin classes and strength training.

Here’s that pink pop of color and a view of the back!

lululemon energy bra back

The racerback style is super flattering.

energy medium inner cups

But as you can see, the removable pads are really prominent.

Since this print is on the busier side, it’s not as noticeable as it would be in a lighter color though.

lululemon energy medium removable cups

I recommend choosing a darker color or a multi-color print in this style.

lululemon energy bra space print

Lululemon Energy Bra Long Line

One of my favorite workout tops EVER is Gymshark’s Energy+ Seamless Crop Top and all kidding aside, I thought it had more in common with Lululemon’s Energy bra than just the name.

lululemon energy bra worth it

The long line style of this bra is super flattering on and it features the same criss-cross straps in the back as all other Energy bras do.

lululemon energy long line back

I like the fact that it offers more coverage than your usual sports bra and feels a bit like athletic shapewear.

The thing I REALLY don’t like about this bra is that the band below the breasts is the exact same as the medium support energy bra.

I feel like the band should have been longer and made of a more flexible material so you wouldn’t have to deal with constant rolling up!

And of course, this isn’t an issue you’re going to experience until you actually take the bra for a test drive by working out in it.

You can actually see where the band ends in the photo below – it’s basically a one-inch wide band with 1.5 inches of moderately compressive fabric below.

lululemon energy long line flat

I wear a 34D and went with a size 8 in this bra.

I’m 5″6 and when I wear it with a pair of high-rise Align leggings, there’s about a 3-inch distance between the end of my bra and the top of my leggings.

lululemon energy bra align pant outfit

It’s a great bra for both strength training and Peloton bike workouts but I wouldn’t buy it again due to the constant rolling up of the bottom of the bra.

I never experienced this with my Gymshark bra and hope to find something similar at Lululemon one day.

Removable pads are also not my favorite but unfortunately, they’re super common in medium impact bras.

Darker colors make the outline of bra pad inserts appear less visible.

lululemon long line removable pads

Verdict: If you’re debating between the Energy bra medium support or the Long Line Energy bra, I’d recommend going with the original.

And unless you’re blessed with a beautiful long torso, I’d skip this style all together!

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Energy Adjustable Bra Medium Support

I bought this bra in pink mist and returned it within two days when I saw how visible the removable pads were.

You could literally see the entire outline of each cup!

I forgot to take a photo of this bra when I tried it on but am thinking of trying it again in another color.

I love the hook-and-eye closure!

Of course, I’m eyeing down the Wee Are From Space Dark Carbon Ice Grey/Pow Pink color – something about those pops of color and space prints do it for me, haha.

How to Return a Lululemon Online Purchase

The Energy Adjustable bra is only available online but you can return it in-store quick and easy.

Just bring the mailer receipt and item with tags on it into a store nearby.

Lululemon Energy Bra High Support

After being really disappointed in the way that the adjustable version of this bra showed the removable cup outlines, I bought the high support version of the Energy bra.

It has a built-in bra pad so you can enjoy that line-free life – woohoo!

Excuse the messy kids’ playroom – this was our former Peloton room but we haven’t moved the mirror yet!

lululemon high impact energy bra try on

I must say that the high-impact Energy bra is AMAZING for high-intensity workouts like HIIT classes and running.

Everything stays in place with this bra so you can focus on your workout and perform your best.

The four straps on the back of the bra are thicker and aren’t nearly as feminine as the other Energy styles though.

lululemon energy bra high vs medium impact straps

The band is also adjustable as are two of the bra straps – it makes a difference and feels great.

The only thing I don’t like about this bra is that it’s a bit trickier to put on than other sports bras – but this comes with high support, I guess!

I find that I have to adjust the straps first, clip in the hooks, and tuck my breasts up into the bra!

If you haven’t had children and/or aren’t currently breastfeeding though, maybe getting the bra on won’t be as much of an event for you, haha.

That said, the high support Energy bra feels amazing on and it’s one of the best sports bras I’ve ever owned.

If you love to work up a serious sweat during your workouts, this is the bra for you!

lululemon energy bra high impact try workout

Lululemon Energy Bra Sizing

Bra sizing can be a bit tricky sometimes but I find out Lululemon’s size guide bang on.

Since I usually take a size 8 in Lululemon bras (I wear a 34D), this is what I tried in the Energy bra and the fit was perfect!

This is easily one of the most comfortable sports bras I own and I love the snug but medium support.

How do I wash my Lululemon Energy bra?

To wash your Energy bra, first, remove the pads.

Turn your bra inside out.

Then, if you have the adjustable version of this bra, fasten the bra hooks to prevent them from getting stuck on the fabric or other clothing.

If you have one, place your Energy bra in a mesh bag to avoid it tangling with other clothes.

Choose a normal setting and wash in cold water with like colors and fabrics.

Once washed, lay flat to dry – this will lessen pilling.

Washing Tip: I don’t wash my cotton fabrics or anything abrasive like jeans or velcro with Lululemon clothing to prevent pilling.

It makes a huge difference in the lifetime of your clothing and the resale value you could get back for it should you decide to resell later on.

Lululemon Energy Bra Review: Which Style is Best?

I’ve tried four Energy bra styles:

And while I love things about each of these styles, my top two favorites are the Medium Support and High Impact bras.

That said, this suits the style of workouts I do – predominantly indoor cycling and strength training.

I find the Medium Support bra super comfortable for spin classes because it doesn’t roll up while I’m working out the way the long line does.

Now, on the days when I’m doing a Peloton bootcamp class or a HIIT session, the High Support Energy bra is my go-to bra.

Here’s what it looks like in black.

lululemon energy long line try on

I find jumping jacks, burpees, and other high-intensity exercises WAY more comfortable in this bra.

Which energy bra will you choose? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy shopping, friend!