peloton small space

Where to Put Your Peloton (in Small Space)

This Where to Put Your Peloton (in Small Space) Guide is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest experience as a busy mom working on her fitness! Having a beautiful exercise space can be the difference between staying motivated and giving up on your fitness routine. Because let’s be honest – if you’re using your … Read more

peloton kettlebell

Peloton Kettlebell Workout Guide: How to Use Them

This Peloton Kettlebell Workout Guide is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest experience as a busy mom working on her fitness! I absolutely love doing kettlebell workouts and couldn’t wait to use them in my Peloton strength classes. That said, Peloton does not offer any exclusive kettlebell workouts through their Digital App, Introductory Guide-Only, … Read more

peloton elliptical

Peloton Elliptical Workout Guide: Here’s How to Do It

This Peloton Ellipitical Workout Guide is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest experience as a busy mom working on her fitness! Back when we had the Peloton All-Access Membership, my mom discovered a cool little trick using her Apple Watch and the Peloton Digital App. Since she didn’t have access to our Peloton Bike … Read more

peloton regret - 5 reasons i sold my bike

Peloton Regret: 5 Reasons I Sold My Bike

Have you experienced Peloton regret? Same here! I’ve wanted to get into the best shape of my life for a very long time and I can honestly say now that I’m feeling good and am really happy with the results! If you’ve read my Peloton weight loss journey post, you already know that I lost … Read more

how to stream peloton to tv

How to Cast Peloton to TV: Best Method for On-Screen Metrics

Have the Peloton digital app on your mobile device and want to view it on a bigger screen than your phone or computer? Follow this easy guide for how to cast Peloton to TV! We’ll cover the best methods for viewing Peloton classes on a TV including: how to use Peloton app on Apple TV … Read more

peloton weight loss journey - before after results

Peloton Weight Loss Journey: How I Lost 32 Pounds in 3 Months

I know what you’re probably thinking – maybe this sounds too good to be true. But I’ll be completely honest with you, my Peloton weight loss journey has been VERY hard work and isn’t based on indoor cycling alone. I took serious control of my health over the past 3 months and focused on moving … Read more

The Complete Peloton Hashtags Guide: 2022 Essentials

Using Peloton hashtags is a fun way to add an extra dose of personality to your user profile.  You can use them to connect with other like-minded community members and to send encouragement to the people working out live alongside you!  Peloton instructors even have their own team hashtags! This complete guide to Peloton hashtags … Read more

peloton scenic rides guide

Peloton Scenic Rides: 2022 Guide for Beginners

While Peloton’s instructor-led classes remain the most popular workout on the platform, Peloton scenic rides are growing in popularity! I’ll be real with you – I didn’t see the point of these until my husband got REALLY into them. J’s always loved listening to music and zoning out during his workouts – they’re a great … Read more

peloton weights review

Peloton Weights Review: Are They Actually Worth It?

I’ll admit it. My husband and I admired the Peloton weights our favorite instructors were using for a LONG time before we purchased a set of our own! But after I got serious about lifting weights five times a week, we invested in three sets of Peloton brand weights – 20-pounds, 25-pounds, and 30-pounds. I’m … Read more