Lululemon Align Tank Review: Sizing, Length + Workouts

This Lululemon Align Tank Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest opinion as a busy mom working on updating her wardrobe!

lululemon align tank review sizing

I’ve wanted to try this top for a while and honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the fit.

As someone who doesn’t usually prefer cropped-length shirts, I actually found this one to be super flattering and comfortable.

Keep reading for:

  • a comparison between the Align Tank Top and Align Waist-Length Tank Top
  • should you wear a bra with this top
  • is this tank padded
  • can you run in the Align Tank
  • how to wash and dry this top
  • best Align Tank dupe options on Amazon

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Lululemon Align Tank Review: Sizing, Length + Workouts

I’ll get started with my first impressions of this Lululemon top before reviewing the standard-length tank versus the waist-length tank.


The Align Tank is made from the same Nulu fabric as our favourite Align leggings and feels just as smooth and comfortable on!

The middle layer is 89% nylon and 11% elastane while the lining and body are both 81% nylon and 19% lycra elastane.

align tank sizing

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This tank offers light support and sizes 0 to 14 are recommended for A/B cps while 16 to 20 are recommended for C/D cups.

I wear a 34D and went with a size 10.

Compared to my usual 6 in Lululemon tops, I sized up twice!

But that said, it’s definitely much more revealing than I’d like so I save it for at-home loungewear.

On the plus side, I’m also nursing a baby at the time of writing this, and the tank makes feeding my baby a breeze.

I love how this tank offers enough support to wear it without a bra on and feels weightless.

There is light removable padding inside that’s easy to pop out before washing.


Personally, my fashion choices tend to be a bit modest!

I like shirts that cover my behind or at least a part of it when I’m out and about, haha.

But at home, I don’t mind the cropped look.

Here’s how the regular cropped length Align tank looks on me at a height of just under 5″6.

align tank review

It shows a little skin and looks super cute with a cardigan over top!

I love this style for doing errands around the house and playing with my kids.

And then there’s the waist-length version of the top.

Personally, I didn’t think it was very flattering.

lululemon align tank review

Lululemon should consider making an extended version of this top that’s about 2 to 3 inches longer.

Here’s how the waist-length tank looks from the reverse.

align tank waist length


You may have noticed the cup lines in the first photo of the waist-length top!

I definitely do NOT recommend light colors in this tank – at least not for the busty.

The lines are just way too obvious and make this splurge of a tank look cheap.


If you’re sizing up because of a larger bra size like I did, you probably won’t like this top for intense workouts!

I like it for stretching and weight lifting but wouldn’t wear it for a yoga class (in public anyway) or an intense cardio session like running or spinning.

It just doesn’t hold in bigger busts that well during rigorous exercise.

But that said, I’m sure it would be fantastic for someone wearing the recommended measurements!


I’m not going to beat around the bush – the price for this top is ludicrous.

Lululemon recently marked up a lot of their products and this one went up from $58 to $68!

It’s a tank top!

Honestly, if I were to give a star rating for this top, I’d give it a three with two stars being deducted for price.

It’s a comfortable little splurge for the $58 I paid but they increased the price by almost 20%!

Save your money by buying one second-hand on Poshmark or get this amazing dupe instead.

align review poshmark

I ran this search today and found several for under $35 second-hand!

There are also a few that are new for $58 and you can make an offer to those sellers 🙂 I usually shoot for around 10 to 20% less than asking.

You can use my code NSLIVARICH to get $15 off your first order too!

How to Wash Align Tank

Washing and drying your Align Tank the right way will keep it in excellent condition no matter how you use it and how many times a week you wear it!

To keep your Align tanks (and leggings) in great shape, be sure to:

  • wash in cold water
  • wash with like fabrics
  • avoid abrasive materials and fabrics like cotton (which contribute to pilling)
  • NEVER use fabric softeners
  • hang dry as much as you can

Here’s how I wash my Align tanks:

  1. remove bra padding
  2. add Align tank and padding to a front-loading washing machine
  3. choose a gentle detergent like Nellie’s or
  4. wash in cold water on your machine’s normal setting (you may want to go delicate depending on your machine)
  5. once your Align tanks have completed the washing cycle, lay them and the padding flat to dry (clipping them to a laundry line or hanging them over top will cause creasing)

I have NEVER dried my Align tanks in the dryer since fabric rubbing (even against itself) can cause pilling.

I love these tops far too much to take a chance.

How to Style Align Tank

My favourite way to wear this top is with leggings and cardigans!

As for footwear, slide sandals like the classic Adidas Adilette or a slip-on like Tom’s look super cute and simple with an Align tank.

Pair it with the Everywhere Belt bag and you’re ready to go – minimalist style!

Best Align Tank Dupe on Amazon

The number one Align tank dupe out there is this one from Gym People!

While the sizing isn’t numbered like the Lulu one, it comes in sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large.

For reference, size Large fits like a Lululemon 8 to 10.

Other Align Dupes

CRZ Yoga also makes a pretty nice crop tank nearly identical to the Align.

I’ve had CRZ Yoga items before and although I liked my sports bras (while they lasted), the quality of Gym People’s lineup is higher.

CRZ’s sizing also ranges from X-Small to X-Large and fits similarly to Gym People (8 to 10 being a Large).

There’s also this dupe from Lemedy but the bra pads are a bit thicker and they tend to slide around as you wear the top to the point where they become visible.

This was actually the problem I had with the lighter colors in the Lululemon Align tank!

Lemedy makes their crop tanks in sizes Small to X-Large.

You can find the suggested cup sizing on the product page.

Final Thoughts: Lululemon Align Tank Review

I absolutely love Lululemon’s Align tank!

But honestly, after the recent price increases, I just can’t justify spending $68 on a tank top.

I think it’s completely insane.

I bought mine for $58 before prices went up this past month and THAT was a total splurge.

In my opinion, you’re better off buying one second-hand on Poshmark or getting a dupe on Amazon.

My favourite Amazon dupe is the one from Gym People – it’s a fantastic wire-free lightly padded crop tank almost identical to the Lululemon Align one but for 1/3 of the price!

Which Align tank will you try? How did you find the sizing?

Let me know in the comments below!

Happy shopping, friend!


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