Honest Lululemon Shoes Review: Comparing Blissfeel, Chargefeel, Strongfeel & Restfeel

This Lululemon Shoes Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest experience as a busy mom working on her fitness and updating her wardrobe!

I was really excited when the latest Lululemon sneakers dropped – they’ve really expanded their lineup for men and women since the first Lulu footwear collection was released in 2022.

lululemon shoes review

So after trying a few different pairs, it’s time for a general overview 🙂

Keep reading this Lululemon review for:

  • An overview of Women’s Blissfeel, Chargefeel, and Strongfeel running shoe styles
  • Can you buy Lululemon shoes in store
  • How to find sales and outlet deals
  • Which Men’s shoes are available
  • What is the Lululemon 30-day trial policy for shoes

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Honest Lululemon Shoes Review: Comparing Blissfeel, Chargefeel, Strongfeel & Restfeel

Lululemon has a variety of sneakers and slides available online and in-store for women and men.

lululemon shoes

Currently, there are six different styles of shoes to choose from for women:

  • Chargefeel Low Workout Shoe
  • Chargefeel Mid Workout Shoe
  • Blissfeel Trail Running Shoe
  • Blissfeel Running Shoe
  • Strongfeel Training Shoe
  • Restfeel Slide
lululemon shoes styles

Lululemon Chargefeel Shoes Review

The difference between the Chargefeel Low and Mid workout shoes is where the top sits.

While the Chargefeel Low has an upper brace that rests below your ankle, the Chargefeel Mid has a built-in sock-like upper knit wrap for more stability.

chargefeel mid

Both versions have a neat look to them but the Mid feels more like a training shoe to me, so I opted for the Low version.

Chargefeels have a lot of cushioning and are super comfortable to wear for activities like running and lifting weights.

These are a little sleeker than the Blissfeel style, which I like

You can get Chargefeel Low runners in the following color combinations:

  • Baked Clay/Peach Fuzz/Sunset
  • White/Vapor/Delicate Mint
  • Vapor/Silver Drop/White
  • Black/White/Anchor

Chargefeel Mid workout shoes are available in:

  • White/Vapor/Delicate Mint
  • Palm Court/Light Sage/White
  • Black/White/Anchor

The price of Chargefeel Low workout shoes is $138 USD ($178 CAD) while the Chargefeel Mid shoes cost $148 USD ($198 CAD).

Lululemon Blissfeel Shoes Review

The regular Blissfeel Running shoe and the Blissfeel Trail Running shoe have different grips below but are nearly identical above (minus the pull tab loop at the back of the Trail).

The Blissfeel Trail Running shoe has a grip designed for trails but is versatile enough to use on the road – it’s a fantastic hybrid option for those who like to workout outdoors!

blissfeel trail

I went with the regular running shoe style since I bought them more for day-to-day use and home gym workouts.

lululemon blissfeel shoes review

They’re available in a ton of different color options so I went with a pink that matches my Everywhere Belt Bag.

Right now, you can get Blissfeel running shoes in the following color options:

  • Faint Lavender/White/Starlight
  • White/Black/Kohlrabi Green
  • Silverstone/Silverstone/White
  • Florid Orange/Highlight Orange/Misty Shell
  • Vapor/White/Lemon Sorbet (so cute but never in stock in my size!)
  • Cloud Blue/Marlin/Polar Ice
  • White/White/Light Vapor
  • Raw Linen/Highlight Yellow/Iced Lavender
  • Mink Berry/Mink Berry/Light Vapor
  • Black/Black/Asphalt Grey (black bottoms)
  • Black/Asphalt Grey/Light Vapor (ombre bottoms that fade from white to black in the middle and white on the bottom)

These shoes are extremely comfortable and I love that they come in half sizes – I usually wear a 7.5 and found that they fit true to size.

lululemon sneakers

You can get Blissfeel Trail running shoes in the following color options:

  • Light Vapor/Bone/Florid Orange
  • Dewy/Silver Drop/Faded Zap
  • Violet Verbena/Purple Ash/Atomic Purple
  • Silver Drop/Baked Clay/Vapor
  • Graphite Grey/Black/Vapor

Both the regular running shoe and Trail style have a price point of $148 USD ($198 CAD).

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Lululemon Strongfeel Shoes Review

I love these shoes so much!

They’re more similar in style to the Adidas Puremotion runners I’ve been wearing for years.

I like the more minimal design style, lower bridge, and less prominent sole of the Strongfeel running shoes than I do the other two running shoes.


When it comes to functionality, they’re super lightweight and comfortable with a nice low-profile cushion.

You can get this style in the following eleven colors:

  • Natural Ivory/Lemon Sorbet/Trench
  • Faint Lavender/Light Ivory/Light Electric Indigo
  • Misty Pink/White/Sunset
  • White/Light Vapor/White
  • Light Sage/Light Vapor/Sonic Pink
  • Florid Orange/Mango Dream/Florid Orange
  • Vapor/White/Iced Lavender
  • Oxford Blue/Light Vapor/Wild Indigo
  • Sunbeam/Sunbeam/Elixir
  • Lemon Sorbet/Light Ivory/Maldives Green
  • Black/Graphite Grey/White

The price of Strongfeel runners is $128 USD ($148 CAD).

Lululemon Restfeel Shoes Review

I really like the look and feel of these slides – they’re only available in full sizes though, so I sized down from my usual 7.5 to a 7 and found that they fit perfectly this way.

Right now, you can get a pair of Restfeel sandals in the following color options:

  • Black/Graphite Grey
  • Beech Wood/Beech Wood/Beech Wood
  • Bone/Bone/Bone
  • Blissful Blue/Blissful Blue
  • Misty Pink/Misty Pink
  • Lemon Ice/Lemon Ice
  • White/White
lululemon restfeel slides

They have a nice shape to them and I think that the black/graphite (the bottom is just slightly more grey than the top band) and bone color options are a great choice for dressing up and down.

These slides retail for $58 USD ($68 CAD).

You can check out my full in-depth review of Lululemon slides to learn more about these shoes.

How do Lululemon sneakers fit?

I found that all styles of Lulu’s runners fit true to size.

Are Lululemon shoes non slip?

Styles like Strongfeel and Blissfeel Trail are made with traction in mind while others like the Low and Mid Chargefeel styles and regular Blissfeel runners have your basic grips below.

lululemon non slip

Where does Lululemon make their shoes?

Lululemon’s shoes are made in China and Vietnam.

Can you buy Lululemon shoes in-store?

Yes, Lululemon shoes are available for purchase at your local

Which Men’s shoes are available?

At the time of writing this, only one style of Men’s shoes is available: Restfeel slides.

They’re currently available in five colors from US sizes 7 to 14 (EU 42 to 48):

  • Black/Graphite Grey
  • Mineral Blue/Mineral Blue
  • Highlight Yellow/Silver Drop
  • Bone/Bone/Bone
  • White/White

Similar to the women’s version, these retail for $68.

They have great cushioning and these sandals really comfortable after a long day!

Lululemon 30-day Trial Policy for Shoes

Since footwear is still a fairly new addition to Lululemon’s product lineup, they’re offering a fantastic 30-Day Trial opportunity.

If you’re unsatisfied with your shoes within 30 days of purchasing them, you can return them in ANY condition online or in-store for a full refund!

Final Thoughts: Lululemon Shoes Review

I really like our Lululemon shoes!

They’re high quality, lightweight, and comfortable.

The Restfeel slides are great around the house or after a workout and although I love the Chargefeel and Blissfeel styles, my favourite sneaker is the Strongfeel running shoes – they’re amazing to exercise in and for running errands!

Which styles will you try?

Let us know in the comments below 🙂

Happy shopping, friend!


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