Lululemon Love Crew Review: Honest + Unsponsored

This Lululemon Love Crew Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest opinion as a busy mom working on updating her wardrobe!

I’m finding myself attracted to anything with a maple leaf on it these days and knew I had to give the Love Crew T-Shirt another chance.

Back in March, I ordered a couple of team Canada tops (this one and the Love Long Sleeve) but was really disappointed with the way they fit.

lululemon love crew review

I usually take a 6 and found that both of them were a bit oversized for my liking.

BUUUUT I went in-store today to try a couple of pieces on since the Perfectly Oversized Olympic sweater is on sale and figured I’d give the Love Crew tee another shot.

I tried it on in both sizes 4 and 6 just to confirm it wasn’t a style issue!

This Love Crew t-shirt review includes:

  • material, sizing, fit, colors, and pricing
  • honest thoughts on whether or not it’s worth it
  • color comparison between Pink Clay, Heathered Poolside, and Black
  • the best Love Crew dupe

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Lululemon Love Crew Review: Honest + Unsponsored

I was super excited to give this t-shirt another shot today after I saw that the Team Canada version dropped in price without being a clearance item!

Same goes for the Love Long sleeve shirt.

Here’s how the tee looks.

lululemon love crew canada


The Love Crew tee is made of 94% Pima cotton and 6% Lycra elastane.

Pima cotton is an extra soft, extra luxurious type of cotton!

If you’re familiar with Tommy Bahama shirts, you already know how smooth this fabric feels on.


Lululemon’s Love Crew tee is available in sizes 0 to 20.


Personally, I found that I needed to size down in this style – a far cry from the two sizes I went up in the Align Tank!

The shoulders in the size 6 were WAY too boxy on me.

It was way too reminiscent of that unflattering 1980’s style, haha.

Sizing down does of course shrink the length of the tee (I prefer longer shirts that cover my rear), but it’s worth doing to get the right fit for your frame.

Here’s how the size 6 looked on me in the Pink Clay color.

lululemon love crew tee

Here’s how it looks in size 4 in Heathered Poolside.

love crew review

My daughter told me that I look like Caitie from Super Simple Songs in this color and now I can’t unsee it, lol!


At the time of writing this, the Love Crew tee is available in 14 different colors:

  • Heathered Poolside
  • Pink Clay
  • Pastel Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Heathered Core Light Grey
  • Short Serve Stripe Heathered Spice Chai White (that’s quite the name!)
  • True Navy
  • Short Serve Stripe White Black
  • Love Red
  • Heathered Core Ultra Light Grey
  • Dew Pink
  • Dark Red

Here’s the reverse side of the Pink Clay.

love crew tee review

And the back of the Heathered Poolside.

love crew lululemon blue

You can also get it in three Team Canada styles:

  • Maple Leaf (what I chose)
  • COC Logo (White)
  • CPC Logo (Red or White)

The COC Logo tee has a small maple leaf on the top right of the chest with CAN written down the center of the back.

The CPC Logo tee has the abbreviation CAN down the top right of the chest with a large maple leaf on the back.

lululemon canada tee
lululemon canada olympics love crew

It’s actually the same as the Maple Leaf style (the photos above), but the red font REALLY pops on the white tee!

If I didn’t have two small kids (who often have messy hands, haha), I probably would have gotten this color.


The Love Crew tee goes for $48 which is pretty pricey for a t-shirt!

But that said, I found the price justifiable for the Team Canada version – it’s like getting a cute feminine jersey for a fraction of the price.

Interestingly, the first time I ordered the black Maple Leaf Love Crew tee, it was actually priced at $58 (probably because the Olympics were still going on) so I saved $10 by ordering it in the right size a couple of months later!

Turns out the original price was actually $68 though – that’s pretty outrageous for a t-shirt.

I think core colors like black, navy, and grey would be worth it but I don’t know if I’d pay $48 for lighter funky colors.

It’s just too much of a risk for a mom of two small kids!

How to Wash Love Crew Tee

Use a gentle detergent like ECOS liquid detergent or Nellie’s laundry soda to wash your Love Crew tee.

I wash mine inside out in cold water with like colors and fabrics like leggings (mostly Aligns) using my front loading machine’s normal setting.

If you have a top-loading washing machine, you may want to use the delicate setting!

I recommend laying flat to dry as I’ve found that using a hanger leads to stretching around the neck area.

You can tumble dry on a low setting but it WILL lead to pilling over time.


  • use bleach
  • iron
  • dry clean

All will damage your tee!

Best Love Crew Dupe

This pima cotton t-shirt from CRZ Yoga is the perfect dupe!

It’s available in 15 different colors and is made of 92% pima cotton and 8% spandex which is about as similar to Lululemon’s athletic tee as it gets.

It comes in sizes XX-Small to X-Large – for reference, Small fits like a 4 to 6.

Final Thoughts: Lululemon Love Crew Review

I absolutely love this t-shirt and the maple leaf design I got it in.

It’s comfortable, incredibly flattering on, and will last a long time with proper care.

Lululemon also has great resale value on the secondary market, so it’s worth spending the money on high-quality items like the Love Crew tee which are in demand on sites like Poshmark.

You can use my code NSLIVARICH to get $15 off your first order but I’d recommend getting your first tee through Lululemon in case you need to exchange the size!

Sizing was an issue for me and I ended up going down to a 4 from my usual 6 since the shoulders were really boxy on my figure.

Which style will you try the Love Crew tee in? What colors grabbed your attention?

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy shopping, friend!


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