Lululemon Align Jogger Review: I Love Them But I Won’t Buy Them Again

This Lululemon Align Jogger Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest opinion as a busy mom working on updating her wardrobe!

I tried the Lululemon Align HR Jogger but as much as I’m enjoying them, I wouldn’t buy another pair.

align jogger review

They’re comfortable, stylish, and tick all of the boxes except one.

This Align joggers guide includes:

  • my honest thoughts on these Lululemon joggers
  • a review on everything from material, lengths, fit, to price
  • a comparison between the full-length Align jogger and the crop length
  • best Align jogger dupe on Amazon and at Costco

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Lululemon Align Jogger Review: I Love Them But I Won’t Buy Them Again

These joggers look great on all body types!

The slim-fit style creates a beautiful silhouette that accentuates all of the right areas in curvy and slimmer figures.

They look great from the front and the back and the two large front pockets are deep enough to fit a gigantic iPhone in one side and car keys in the other!

But that said, I’d still rather use my Everywhere Belt Bag or Future Legacy Crossbody to carry my essentials.

Here’s how the Align joggers look paired with the Ebb to Street tank top.

I’m wearing a size 6 in both the top and bottoms.

lululemon align jogger review


Align joggers are made of, you guessed it, Lululemon’s Nulu fabric!

This buttery soft material is comprised of 81% nylon and 19% Lycra elastane.

They essentially feel the same as Align leggings but you’ll notice that the waistband is a bit higher and the cuff bottoms give them a loungier feel.


Personally, I like the slim fit style of these joggers and took my usual size 6.

If you prefer a looser fit jogger though, I’d recommend sizing up.

I’ve seen some Lululemon bloggers recommend sizing down in Aligns and would NOT recommend that here or with the leggings, to be honest.

That said, I definitely have a curvier figure and my opinion is based on my body type 🙂

align jogger inseam


Lululemon’s Align jogger comes in two different styles:

  • Align High-Rise Jogger
  • Align Cropped Jogger

The regular high-rise jogger is a 25″ length while the cropped one is a 23″ length.

To give you an idea, I’m just under 5″6 and the regular length sits just above my ankles.

align jogger 25

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Ahh, my least favorite part about these joggers and the sole reason I won’t be buying a second pair!

I had a gift card I’ve been holding onto for a couple of months and noticed Lululemon was starting to increase product prices across their website which is what made me cash it in before the value of my money decreased!

The price of these pants (and several other items on Lululemon’s website) increased by 20% since the time I bought these joggers and the time I went to write my review on them.

I bought the full-length version in store for $98 when I noticed that the cropped version was selling for $108 – because since when does more money buy less material?

They’re now $118!

In my opinion, that’s just not worth it.

The original $98 was a total unnecessary splurge.

Check out Poshmark instead – there are a ton of users on there selling brand new Lululemon leggings (including Aligns), tops, etc. for a fraction of the retail price online or in-store.

And you can use my code NSLIVARICH to get $15 off your first order.


At the time of writing this review, you can get Align joggers in six different colors:

  • Vintage plum
  • Dark olive
  • Red merlot
  • Heritage 365 camo deep coal multi
  • True navy
  • Black

I got mine in black since it was the only color available in my local store!

align jogger lululemon review


I recently wore these to do a kettlebell workout and found them extremely comfortable.

That said, I still prefer cropped leggings for my workouts!

These joggers are nice for fitness but they’re my go-to pants for lounging or running errands NOT exercising!

Similar Costco Find

If you live in Canada, I have a great Costco fashion find for you!

These Lolë lounge pants come in a 2-pack and are SUPER similar to Align joggers in every way except for the adjustable drawcord which I guess could be removed but I actually LOVE.

Now, the downside of the drawcord is that you can see it underneath tight tops but under loose shirts, it’s a nice little way to make sure your pants stay on.

Lolë’s Half Moon lounge pants come in sizes X-Small (2) to XX-Large (16).

I bought a size Small (4-6) and they fit nearly identical to my Lululemons.

align jogger dupe

Excuse the mess – I was too excited about this Costco haul to tidy up, haha.

align joggers dupe

If you’re in the States, you can still get these joggers at Back Country.

Best Align Jogger Dupe

These joggers I found on Amazon are the most similar to the Lululemons I’m reviewing in this post and they cost four times less!

They’re available in sizes X-Small to X-Large and fit true to size.

I wear a size 6 in Lululemon pants and take a size medium in this Align joggers dupe.

Gym People (the brand that makes these) also has an AMAZING Align tank you should check out!

Final Thoughts: Align Jogger Review

I absolutely adore my Align joggers and am glad I bought them when I did!

They are literally a loungier version of the Lululemon Align leggings we’ve already come to love.

But that said, I am once again disappointed in Lululemon’s price increases (you may have already read one rant about this in my Align tank review).

I bought my joggers on May 12th and now, 15 days later (at the time of writing this), see that the price has increased by a whopping $20.

That’s a 20 percent markup on the original $98 price tag – in just two weeks!

NOT cool – especially when so many families are struggling to keep up with inflation, which is a topic I could devote another entire blog post to!

So, that said, while I love these joggers, I’d recommend buying them on Poshmark or purchasing one of the dupes I found on Amazon and at Costco Canada.

Because at $118, they are NOT worth it.

These Gym People joggers are a fraction of the price – you can get literally four pairs for the cost of one Align jogger at Lululemon!

The vintage purple and graffiti prints are super cute.

So, which pair of joggers will you try? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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