Yeti Mug Review: It Really Does Make Mornings Better!

This Yeti Mug Bottle Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest experience as a busy mom who constantly misplaced and forgets to drink her coffee!

I love starting my morning with a cup of coffee but being a mom always comes first.

This means that by the time I’ve served everyone their breakfast, changed diapers, etc., my first cup ends up being an iced coffee!

yeti mug review

The Yeti mug was the answer to my problems and I can’t wait to share why I love it with you!

Keep reading to learn:

  • are Yeti mugs any good
  • is a Yeti mug spill-proof
  • what mugs are better than Yeti
  • Yeti coffee mug sizes
  • Yeti coffee mug vs rambler

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Yeti Mug Review: It Really Does Make Mornings Better!

The Yeti mug with handle coffee cup is awesome for at-home use.

I like to have a BIG cup of coffee when I wake up and this cup is perfect for early mornings with the kids.

Once again, I actually fell in love with this product after I started using my husband’s Yeti mug!

But he had the old version without the MagSlide Lid and BOY does this lid make a difference in keeping your coffee hot for a couple of extra hours!

Instead of heat leaving through the open part of the lid, you just move the MagSlide over it.

yeti mugs best

This is a great feature for busy parents who often forget their coffee somewhere in the house or need to take breaks between putting babies to sleep.

I literally just did this!

Twenty minutes later, my coffee is still at perfect drinking temperature 🙂

Here’s a comparison between the old-style lid and the new MagSlide one.

yeti mug lid comparison

Both lids are compatible with all Yeti mugs so if you love an old color that doesn’t come with it, you can always upgrade to the new MagSlide lid later.

If my lid somehow makes it into the dishwasher without my mug, I’ll just pop it onto my husband’s mug instead of using the old-style lid!

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Are Yeti mugs good?

Yes, they are the BEST!

I’m ready to say goodbye to all of my glass coffee cups after getting a Yeti mug.

It keeps my coffee hot and holds the perfect amount.

yeti mug handle

Is a Yeti mug spill-proof?

Just about!

I’d say Yeti mugs are about 95% spill-proof.

If one of your kids knocks it over on the table or a couch for instance (I have a lot of experience with this), it’ll contain most of the liquid while you have time to react.

I’ve never had a lid fall off and usually only have a minor spill to clean up when accidents happen.

Obviously, you are 100% better off than having an open coffee cup alone!

It’s hard to go back to drinking out of a coffee cup without a lid after using this one.

Here’s the mug with the lid on it next to the 12 oz rambler.

yeti mug vs rambler

While the mug is my go-to coffee cup at home, it’s WAY too wide to fit into the cup holder of my German vehicle!

The 12 oz rambler is the perfect size for when you’re on the go and is just 2 oz smaller than the 14 oz Yeti mug.

What mugs are better than Yeti?

It depends on your purpose!

If keeping your liquids warm is the priority, you may want to consider the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug.

It features a charging coaster that keeps your hot liquids warm!

Personally, I couldn’t justify spending this much on a mug though and am moving away from smart technology as much as possible.

And for that reason, I think Yeti mugs are the only way to go!

yeti mug pink blue

Yeti Coffee Mug Sizes

Yeti makes five different sized mugs:

The difference between the regular mugs and the travel mugs is that the travel mugs have smaller bases to accommodate the size of cup holders in most vehicles.

Personally, I found the 14 oz mug was the perfect size for at-home use and have a 12 oz tumbler for on the go.

I tend to drink less coffee while I’m out than I do at home because I’m usually running errands with kids and have my hands (and heart) full.

If you prefer a mug with a handle during your travels, I think the 20 oz size would be a great choice!

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Yeti Mug vs Tumbler

I use a Yeti mug at home and a 12 oz tumbler on the go.

The presence of a handle is nice for home but I’d rather have a bottle without one on the go.

Here’s a comparison between the 14 oz Yeti mug and the 12 oz Yeti tumbler.

yeti mug rambler

The tumbler fits better in my purse than a travel mug would and I like the screw-on cap for preventing spills.

As I said before, the MagSlide lid does an EXCELLENT job at preventing most of the damage done by spills but the screw-on Hot Shot cap prevents 100% of potential accidents.

I have never experienced a spill with this lid or a leak with this lid.

That said, it takes a couple of seconds longer to take a sip from your cup.

Instead of simply pushing the MagSlide over with your thumb, you need to hold the tumbler in one hand and gently twist the Hot Shot cap to open it to your desired pour level with the other hand.

It really is a difference of just a few seconds!

But when deciding between the two, it’s something to consider.

Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

  • travel mugs have a handle while tumblers don’t
  • travel mugs have the MagSlide lid while tumblers are available with the MagSlide or Hot Shot cap
  • travel mugs come in two sizes (20 oz or 30 oz) while tumblers come in four sizes (10 oz, 12 oz, 20 oz, or 30 oz)

Final Thoughts: Yeti Mug Review

I LOVE my Yeti mug and have gifted several to family members and friends!

They’re fantastic for busy moms and dads on the go and keep your hot liquids at the perfect drinking temperature.

The new MagSlide lid was a game-changer – it keeps my coffee hot for about two hours longer than the original mug lid did!

Personally, I found the 14 oz mug size was perfect for coffee and tea and couldn’t see myself using the 10 oz or 24 oz sizes nearly as much.

If I were more of a tea drinker, I might consider the 24 oz one though!

What about you? Are you more of a coffee or tea person? Which Yeti mug will you choose?

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy sipping, friend!


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