Lolë Yoga Mat Review: Here’s Why It’s OK

honest lole yoga mat review

Fitness equipment can get expensive!

I’d be trying to decide which Lululemon yoga mat to purchase for over a month before I came across the Lolë Prima Yoga Mat with Strap at Costco.

This Lolë yoga mat review breaks down what I like and don’t like about the mat plus who could benefit from this reasonably priced exercise mat most.

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Lolë Yoga Mat Review: Here’s Why It’s OK

Lolë’s Prima yoga mat is a fantastic budget-friendly option to start your fitness journey!

I first came across this mat at Costco but it’s also available for purchase on Amazon.

I’ve seen Lolë leggings and other fitness apparel at both retailers as well and am super interested in giving it a try – another review for another day 🙂

The Lolë yoga mat and strap combo is great for transporting your mat to class, the park, or even a friend’s house.

clean lole yoga mat

All you need is a couple of yoga blocks and a towel and you’ve got everything you need to get started!

These cork blocks are my favorite – they’re beautiful and the firm sturdy design (way more supportive than foam) really helps to deepen your stretch!

I originally bought a wool yoga blanket but quickly regretted it because it was too itchy for my liking – this one is a WAY better choice.

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The Prima yoga mat is made from 100% Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

TPE combines rubber-like characteristics with the recycling and processing advantages of plastic.

This is a great eco-conscious mat!

lole yoga mat made of tpe


The Lolë prima yoga mat retails for under $40 and can be purchased through Lolë, Costco, and Amazon.


This yoga mat measures 2 ft x 6 ft (61 cm x 180 cm / 24 in. x 71 in.)


Lolë’s yoga mat has a thickness of 5mm (0.2 inches).

yoga mat thick


The mat weighs in at just 2.54 pounds and the strap is 0.21 pounds.

It’s a super lightweight and portable little fitness package to transport from place to place!

Includes 2-in-1 Strap

I love the carrying strap this yoga mat comes with!

It can be used as a resistance band and even features pictures of suggested workouts on it.

It’s a really clever addition to an already super reasonably priced product.

lole yoga mat strap

Lolë Mat for Yoga

This mat is excellent for floor positions and poses that require extra attention to balance.

The sticky texture keeps you in place and gives you an extra sense of security to take positions to the next level.

Sweating also isn’t an issue on this mat – no matter how hot you get, you’ll stay put!

It’s not resistant to sweat stains though!

lole yoga mat review 5mm


Even after using a high-quality yoga mat cleaner like this one, I wasn’t able to get the sweat stains out of this mat.

And it stained the very first time I used it!

lole yoga mat vs lululemon

I was extremely disappointed by this.

Here’s another closeup of the stains from after just ONE use!

lole yoga mat canada

Marks & Indentations

This mat is SUPER easily dented from dumbbells and simply being leaned against other fitness equipment.

lole yoga mat peloton

I stepped onto it during a Peloton Bootcamp once as well and my cleats left really deep imprints!

lole yoga mat marks

This is definitely a mat solely for yoga and should be neatly put away after each use.

But honestly, even the strap dents the thick TPE material.

You can see the line at the top of the mat here.

lole yoga mat 5mm

Lolë Yoga Mat vs Lululemon Yoga Mat

Long ago, I had a Lululemon Arise Mat (5mm Made with FSC-Certified Rubber) but when I forgot to put it away, our cat got the best of it!

Not cool.

The rubber texture was comfortable for practice while grippy and slick enough to easily move around on the mat.

It was also good for some strength training and stretches.

Compared to my old rubber Lululemon mat, the Lolë Yoga mat is WAY thicker and cushier though.

Like the Lululemon, this mat is 5mm but honestly, the soft texture of the Lolë mat feels so much comfier.

But that said, you might find it hard to move from one position to the next.

If you’re fairly new to yoga or like to take it slow, this might not affect you though.

I found it more of a struggle during advanced Peloton yoga classes.

That said, the grip on this mat is EXCELLENT!

The laser-engraved position markers are another fantastic addition for beginners!

Here’s what they look like.

lole yoga mat costco

Lolë Yoga Mat for Strength Training

My knees are pretty sensitive these days and my Onnit exercise mat, although super similar to the Lululemon mat, doesn’t cushion my knees as much as the Lululemon did during floor work.

The Lolë mat is WAY too sticky for strength training though – you won’t be doing mountain climbers or skaters on this thing!

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Lolë Yoga Mat Review: Final Thoughts

Although the Lolë prima yoga mat is super comfortable and grippy to yoga on, the staining on the first use really bothers me.

It doesn’t affect the performance of the mat but it makes me think that this won’t last as long as I’d hoped it would.

yoga mat thick thin lole

I’ve also used yoga mats for strength training in the past and really enjoyed having a versatile mat like the Lululemon Arise which let me set up shop once and do some weight lifting followed by a yoga session immediately after.

That said, for a yoga mat under $40, it’s a great choice for beginners and those in their senior years.

I purchased one for my 61-year-old mom and she loves it!

Like me, she has sensitive knees and this mat really helps her get the most of her workouts.

Happy stretching, friend!


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  1. Hi, thanks for this extensive detailed review. Really appreciate it as just bought this mat at Costco at a great discounted price ($22) but don’t like to buy something that gets chucked in no time due to environmental impact (although it does say it can be recycled). Being older the focus on my new mat was comfort on knees and body in general as am quite thin now so wanted a much thicker mat than the last one I had for many years. Your excellent review pointing out all the pros and cons tell me this one is well suited to my needs at this point in life (your mom’s age). Appreciate the time you put into it as only found one brief review on Costco site. For the construction and price its a keeper.


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