Yeti Water Bottle Review: You’ll Never Use Another Brand Again!

This Yeti Water Bottle Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest experience as a busy mom working on her fitness!

I’ll be the first person to admit it – I thought my husband was completely insane when he told me how much he wanted to spend on Yeti drinkware!

yeti water bottle review size

I could get two stainless steel bottles for the price of just one Yeti at Costco.

And then, I tried it!

I will never use another water bottle again and have since downsized our kitchen cupboards dramatically.

Keep reading for my honest unsponsored thoughts on:

  • are Yeti water bottles good
  • which is better Yeti or Hydro Flask
  • what is the best size Yeti water bottle
  • Yeti water bottle with straw
  • are Yeti bottles worth it

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Yeti Water Bottle Review: You’ll Never Use Another Brand Again!

Like I said above, I was really skeptical about buying an expensive water bottle.

But after seeing how cold my husband’s Yeti bottle kept my water during Peloton bike workouts, I was ready to move on from the glass one I’d been using up until then.

I actually have two 18 oz bottles now – one in Ice Pink and the other in White.

During my 45-minute to 1.5 hour workouts, I tend to drink between one and two 18 oz bottles.

So having one water bottle in each holder made it a lot more convenient than running upstairs between cardio sessions and weights (especially since doing so put me at risk of waking up baby during her nap).

yeti water bottle

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Are Yeti water bottles good?

Honestly, they’re not just good – they are FANTASTIC!

Be sure to get the Chug Cap on your bottle to make staying hydrated a breeze.

The nice thing about this cap is that if you screw it on tight enough, you can actually fill the bottle up to the spout.

Every sip counts when you’re working hard!

yeti chug cap bottle

Which is better Yeti or Hydro Flask?

I’ve had both and prefer my Yeti.

I found that the biggest difference between these two brands was the caps.

The Yeti Chug Cap provides a nice narrow spout to drink from while Hydro Flask bottles have either a Standard Mouth with Flex Cap, Wide Mouth with Flex Sip Lid, or my favorite – the Straw Lid!

The Hydro Flask with Straw Lid is a great option when you have small kids and want to share one water bottle amongst yourselves but these days, I have a Yeti kids bottle for the girls and my 18 oz Yeti water bottle for myself on hand.

Here’s a closer look at the Chug Cap.

yeti chug cap

I find that my oldest had no problem drinking out of this at age 3 (so long as it was half of less than half full!) but my one-year-old will spill it all over herself if I’m not assisting.

The Yeti Jr. is really great for kids as young as one year old!

In my personal experience, they’re also less likely to leak and spill than the popular Thermos stainless steel containers designed for this age group.

What is the best size Yeti water bottle?

It depends on a couple of things!

For me, it came down to the following:

  • the size of my car cup holders (I drive a German vehicle that fits only Yeti bottles up to 18oz)
  • the size of my Peloton bike’s water bottle holders
  • ability to tuck it into the side of my diaper bag
  • fit nicely into the bottle storage compartment of our stroller

Here’s how my two 18 oz water bottle fit into my Peloton’s water bottle holders.

yeti water bottle review

If you drive an American or Japanese vehicle, you might be able to accommodate a larger sized Yeti bottle though!

My sister drives a Mazda and can fit the 26 oz bottle in her cup holders.

That said, there have been a couple of days where I wished I had more water on hand but since my trips are usually pretty short – a couple of hours out here and there with the girls – 18 oz is usually the perfect amount for me!

The Yeti Jr is 12 oz and is perfect for them.

yeti water bottle size

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Yeti Water Bottle with Straw Hack

While the Yeti Jr. water bottle is marketed as a kids’ bottle, it’s a great container for adults who prefer to drink out of a straw.

yeti straw water bottle

You might even recognize the shape as being another Yeti product you’re already familiar with!

Any guesses?

It’s the Yet 12 oz Rambler for a different audience!

yeti straw water bottle hack

You can purchase the Yeti Rambler Jr. and Hot Shot cap accessories separately for a versatile water bottle that’s great for hot and cold drinks.

Since the lid is black, you can choose literally any color bottle you want without having to worry about it clashing – in case that concerns you, haha.

yeti tumbler straw

Final Thoughts: Yeti Water Bottle Review

So, are Yeti bottles worth it?

From our personal experience, absolutely!

We have nearly every Yeti cup, mug, and bottle on the market now and use them almost daily.

My husband and I each have a cup, mug, and a bottle (or two!) of our own.

The girls each have bottles and I’ve slowly downsized and continue to sell random cups and bottles we’ve accumulated over the years.

I really don’t like clutter and would rather have one high-quality water bottle than half a dozen that are usually just in the way!

Yeti water bottles are 100% worth the investment for every member of the family.

So, what color will you get? Which size will you choose?

I hope you enjoyed my kids straw water bottle hack and can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below 🙂

Happy sipping, friend!


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