Hunter Boots Review: Short vs Original vs Adjustable

This Hunter Boots Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest experience as a busy mom with a passion for practical fashion!

hunter boots review

Few people around the world know rain like we do here in Vancouver, BC.

We get an average of 192.4 days of rain a year!

But it’s not so bad when you dress for the weather – this guide to the best Hunter Boots was inspired by my love of fall fashion and making the most of wet days. 

Heads up – I’m not your usual style blogger.

This post is less about cute outfits with Hunter Boots and more about whether or not you actually NEED a pair of these in your wardrobe. 

As someone who worked in the film industry for a few years, I used to work in extreme weather conditions and tend to choose my clothing and accessories with resilience in mind.

That said, you’ll learn more about performance and durability here than you will elsewhere 🙂

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • Hunter boots sizing
  • Are Hunter boots comfortable
  • Comparing Hunters with other known gum boot brands
  • Are Hunter boots good for snow
  • Best boots for wide calves
  • A review of Short, Original, and Adjustable styles
  • The difference between glossy and matte
  • Whether they’re a good investment plus lifetime expectation
  • Who actually needs Hunter Boots

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Hunter Boots Review: Short vs Original vs Adjustable

Fun fact: I’ve owned all three different styles of Hunter boots but only one has a permanent spot in my wardrobe!

As someone with thick calves (thank you, Croatian ancestors), shopping for tall boots has been a challenge my entire life.

So that said, the Coles notes version of this review is to skip the Original Tall boots if you have wide calves!

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Hunter Boots Sizing

I’ve found that Hunter boots fit true to size and work for people with wide-width feet (my husband often has trouble finding shoes that fit him because of this).

That said, Hunter boots are only available in whole sizes (US 5, US 6, US 7, etc).

hunter boots wide feet

Should you size up or down in Hunter Boots?

If you usually wear a half size (i.e. US 7.5 like I do), you’ll want to go up rather than down.

This leaves room for your socks which is especially important as you wear thicker layers during the colder months.

Hunter also makes fantastic boot socks for their boots – I like to wear my regular sports socks underneath these for extra warmth since I tend to run cold.

Are Hunter Boots Comfortable?


I was actually shocked at how comfortable Hunter boots are.

In comparison to the Gucci gum boots I owned in the past, Hunters offer a wonderful amount of cushion and flexibility.

For how expensive they were (I got mine back in 2011 for $249 Canadian), Gucci’s rain boots are incredibly stiff and heavy in comparison to Hunter boots.

You can get a pair of Tall Hunters for around $175 and you’ll actually want to wear them every day!

hunter boots comfortable

Are Hunter Boots Good for Snow?

You can wear Hunter boots in the snow but there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

First off, rubber boots aren’t insulated like cold weather boots are, so if you spend your days outdoors like we do in the film industry, you’ll start to get uncomfortable after a while.

I share this after having made that mistake once – never again!

If you spend your time indoors and simply need a pair of boots to walk to and from your car for though, Hunter boots are fine in the snow.

Second, you also want to consider your climate and the type of snow you’re dealing with.

Is it fluffy? Is it packed? Has it turned to ice?

Again, I share this from experience.

Hunter boots have ZERO grip when it comes to ice!

That said, if you REALLY want to wear your Hunters in these kinds of conditions, you could add a pair of ice cleats like these ones to them.

They’re easy to remove and will prevent you from falling on your behind like I did!

Which Hunter Boots are Best for Wide Calves?

The best Hunter boots for wide calves are either the Short or Adjustable styles.

The Original style is WAY too narrow for those of us with thick calves and has an opening of around 15.35″ (based on a US 7).

Debating between the Short and Adjustable heights?

Make the call according to your height.

I was certain I wanted the tall style when I first purchased a pair of Hunter boots.

So, after trying and quickly returning the Original style, I opted for the Adjustable ones.

And while they were comfortable and supportive under my feet, I disliked the length of the boot from my ankle up to my knee.

I’m 5″6 and had the top of the boots come closer to my knees than I would have liked.

I felt like a marching soldier since the stiff rubber doesn’t adjust while walking the way my other boots do.

At this length, Hunters were something I wore occasionally during heavy rain.

But now in the Short length, I wear them almost daily in the fall and winter since they’re comfortable and perfect for the torrential downpour we’re usually dealing with here in Vancouver, BC.

They’re also good for household chores like cleaning the garage, gardening, and other messy work.

hunter boots worth it

Weeding is way better in Hunter boots!

How tall are Hunter boots?

The tall Hunter boots you’re probably referring to are 14.76″ high.

This goes for both the Original and Adjustable versions.

Short Hunter boots have a leg length of 9.45″.

Short Hunter Boots Review

I LOVE these boots!

They make rainy days so much better and are great for trips to the farm, forest walks, or playing in muddy puddles with the kids.

The iconic short boot has a leg height of 9.45″ and heel height of 1.18″.

To give you an idea, the top of the boots makes it up to the starting points of my calves.

I usually wear them with Lululemon align leggings or jeggings but you can check out Hunter’s social media pages for fun girly outfit ideas.

If you’re like me and prefer a cropped legging all year round, you can also get away with wearing a 21″ legging without worrying about any skin showing.

Of course, wearing crew length socks (instead of shorter sports socks) like these ones or Hunter socks will also prevent you cropped legging from showing as well.

After trying three different styles of Hunter boots, these were by far my favorite based on my calve size and height.

You can get Short Hunter boots online through the official Hunter boots store, Amazon, or even sometimes at your local Costco warehouse.

hunter boots costco

I’ve seen the shorties show up at Costco Canada between August and September but they tend to sell out REALLY fast.


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Original Hunter Boots Review

While these boots are iconic, they were my least favorite option.

With a calf width of just 15.35″, I found them WAY too tight around my legs.

They squeezed so much, both the fabric from my leggings and my skin appeared to spill over the tops and I think I have a pretty average body type – for reference, I wear a size 6 in most brands of leggings and jeans.

Like the Short style boot, the Original has a very flattering heel height of 1.18″ for a small lift.

The leg height of 14.76″ however, was too high for my liking.

If you have average-sized calves and are on the tall side, you’ll really enjoy these though.

They’re the most popular and iconic Hunter boots this brand makes!

hunter boots original tall

You can get them online through Hunter, on Amazon, or even sometimes at your local Costco warehouse (usually they get either the shorties or tall originals between August and September).

That said, the 2 year warranty is only valid on purchases made through the official Hunter website or at flagship stores so if your biggest concern is durability, it’s best to get them from the source.

I’ve purchased a few pairs of Hunter boots through the official website and had positive experiences with each one.

The shipping time was super fast, customer service was excellent, and there are WAY more options available than other retailers provide.

Adjustable Hunter Boots Review

Like the Original Tall boot, Hunter’s Adjustable rain boots have a leg height of 14.76″ but they feature an adjustable metal buckle on the back of the boot to accommodate those of us with larger calves.

Overall, the boots are high-quality, comfortable, and offer SERIOUS protection from wet weather.

hunter boots wide calf review

The buckles are easy to adjust and secure enough to stay in place until you want to modify the width again.

So, if you’re wearing them with a skirt one day and thick jeans the next, you can expand them to your comfort level.

Putting them on and taking them off can be an event though.

I’d recommend getting a boot jack to simplify this.

Heck, my husband uses our boot jack every day for his short Hunter rain boots and Blundstone boots!

The other thing to consider is your height or leg length.

I think I have a pretty average length torso and legs but at 5″6, I found that the 14.76″ height of the adjustable tall boots was too high for my liking and made walking feel too stiff and unnatural.

hunter adjustable boots review

So, as much as I LOVE the way these look, I still prefer the Short height based on comfort and convenience.

You can get the Adjustable rain boots through Hunter’s official website, one of their flagship stores (both will provide a 2-year warranty), or Amazon.

Both Hunter and Amazon have a variety of colors and finishes (matte or glossy) available.

I haven’t seen Adjustable Hunter boots at Costco yet.

How to Wear Hunter Boots

You can wear your Hunter boots with leggings, jeans, jeggings, skirts, and even dresses!

But you’ll want to ALWAYS make sure to wear a thick comfortable pair of sports or crew socks underneath.

Even wearing rubber boots for an hour barefoot can cause blistering at your ankles because they run BIG TIME!

I wore mine to go into the garage once and was blown away at how quickly the rubbing became painful (despite the polyester lining on the inside).

My favorite socks to wear with my Hunters are Hunter brand boot socks on chilly days and Lululemon’s power stride tab or crew socks.

The crew socks sit slightly above the top of the boots and show a cute pop of color.

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Glossy vs Matte

This choice comes down to personal preference.

I tend to like simpler outfits and prefer the matte color over glossy.

Since I wear my boots for running errands, playing with the kids, and working in the garden or on set, the matte finish is exactly what I need.

how tall hunter boots

The glossy finish is a little fancier and you’ll notice that it shows imperfections more easily than the matte finish does.

But if you enjoy dressing up outfits and are more after cute styles for city walks than spending time on trails in the bush, the glossy boot is a great choice.

Your environment and style are two important deciding factors for this one!

Are Hunter Boots a Good Investment?

Hunter Boots are VERY good quality and hold their value well so, should you decide to sell them on Poshmark later on, you’ll make a good portion of what you paid for them back.

Most Hunter footwear is also:

  • Waterproof
  • Handmade
  • Certified Vegan
  • Features a 2-year warranty

Honestly, if I had to pick just one pair of shoes to wear from September to January, it would be my Short Hunter boots.

I can’t say enough good things about these!

I love them and absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality footwear for the elements.

hunter rain boots reviews

How does the Hunter boots warranty work?

The 2-year warranty is included on products purchased through the Hunter boots official website and flagship stores.

The following items include Hunter’s 2-year warranty:

  • Wellington boots
  • other footwear
  • bags
  • clothing
  • accessories

The following items include a 6-month warranty:

  • Umbrellas
  • Jersey collection clothing items (t-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops and bottoms)

The following are excluded from any warranty coverage:

  • boot socks
  • insoles
  • soft accessories
  • care products

To claim your warranty, contact Hunter Customer Service at with your proof of purchase and photos of the affected area of your product.

How long do Hunter Boots last?

I’ve had my short boots for three years now and they’re still in amazing shape after daily use around 192 days a year, haha.

This fall will be my fourth season in them but I can’t see myself buying a new pair of rubber boots for at least another three to five years.

Compared to other gear I’ve purchased for the elements, Hunter boots are really affordable and perform well during tough rainy days on set.

Take it from someone who’s worked a 15-hour day in the rain in these boots – they are SOLID and will provide the average person with more protection than they need.

hunter boots size up down

Shop Hunter Boots:

Are Hunter Boots hard to get off? 

Depends on the style and how you wear them. 

I found the tall styles a bit challenging to take off without a boot jack but can pop off my short boots easily while holding one of my kids.

My husband, however, struggles to take off his short boots and needs to use a boot jack every time though.

J also has wide hobbit-like feet though, so maybe this is what makes it more difficult for him, haha.

How to Clean Hunter Boots?

Caring for your Hunter boots is easy!

There are a couple of accessories that make it even easier:

Here’s how to clean them:

  1. Wipe off excess dirt and debris with a dry cloth
  2. If you notice any white marks (known as blooming), use a damp cloth to wipe them
  3. Let your boots dry (I place mine outdoors in a covered area on our patio)
  4. If you still see white marks on your boots after drying, use a microfibre cloth and Hunter’s boot buffer to polish them
  5. Let them dry like you did in step 3

The boot buffer works to restore the finish of both matte and glossy boots, so if yours are looking a little dull, this is a great way to give them a refresh.

It’s not something you’ll have to do that often and the 150ml bottle will last you a few seasons.

Here are my husband’s dirty boots next to my fairly clean ones!

clean hunter boots

You can see the white blooming marks all over his boot’s toes.

Which Hunters Boots to Buy?

Are you average height? Do you have large calves?

Plan on wearing the same pair of shoes from the start to finish of your day?

The best Hunter boots for you are these short ones!

They’re more comfortable and durable long-term than the taller ones.

I love to wear mine for working outdoors, running errands, and going on adventures with the kids.

Are you taller than average? Do you have narrow calves?

Will you be changing your footwear after you arrive at work or another destination?

Go for the tall original boots.

Tall Hunter boots are beautiful, feminine, and iconic but they’re NOT meant to be worn all day long.

I found my legs sticky and uncomfortable after a few hours in these ones – even outdoors.

The tall original and adjustable boots are a great fashion piece for cooler, wetter months.

Hunter Boots Review: Final Thoughts

So, are Hunter Boots really worth it? 


They’ll provide the average person with more wet weather protection than you’ll ever likely need.

They’re 100% rubber, waterproof, and feature an inner polyester lining for additional comfort.

I love wearing this style daily and am going on four years of them being my go to fall and winter shoes.

So, which style will you choose?

Short? Original Tall? Or Tall Adjustable?

Let me know which one you picked in the comments below!

Happy shopping, friend!