Kirkland Kombucha Review: Organic Ginger Lemonade

This Kirkland Kombucha Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest opinion as a busy mom working on her health!

Making healthy choices when it comes to food and drinks is a must when you’re working on your wellness.

costco kombucha review

But after a while, water, tea, and coffee can get boring!

Personally, I find the mysterious “natural flavors” listed in carbonated water beverages concerning – there is literally no indication of what they actually are and although they’re listed as “natural”, many are manufactured in a lab!


Kombucha is an awesome beverage that contains probiotic cultures in every serving.

It’s also carbonated and usually contains REAL natural ingredients!

If you’re looking to kick your pop or carbonated water habit, it’s absolutely worth a try.

Kirkland’s organic kombucha did not disappoint!

I’ve tried a dozen brands and this one was definitely one of my favorites.

Keep reading to learn:

  • is kombucha ginger lemonade good for you
  • does Kirkland brand kombucha have caffeine
  • is Costco kombucha carbonated?
  • Kirkland kombucha nutrition facts, ingredients, and alcohol content
  • who makes Kirkland kombucha

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Kirkland Kombucha Review: Organic Ginger Lemonade

I love having a kombucha in the afternoon a couple of times a week.

It’s a nice refreshing change for the taste palette that features several health benefits.

kirkland kombucha costco

If you’ve never had kombucha before and are going to try this one as your first, here’s how:

  • do NOT shake the bottle – it’s carbonated and will spill everywhere when you open it
  • instead, gently flip the bottle upside down and move your wrist to mix it in a circular motion so that all of the contents at the bottom mix with the liquid throughout
  • it’s ready to drink once that cloudiness is immersed with the rest of the beverage
kirkland kombucha nutrition

Is kombucha ginger lemonade good for you?

The benefits of drinking kombucha may include:

  • antimicrobial effects
  • improved gut health
  • boost immunity
  • benefit heart health
  • brighter skin
  • improved energy levels
  • mood stabilization
  • decreased inflammation
  • boosts memory

In particular, Kirkland’s ginger lemonade kombucha notes that it “could promote favorable gut flora” on the bottle.

kirkland kombucha ginger lemonade

How much alcohol is in Kirkland kombucha?

The alcohol content in Kirkland kombucha is just a trace amount.

The company indicates on the bottle that “Due to fermentation this may contain a trace amount of alcohol BELOW 0.5%”.

Does Kirkland brand kombucha have caffeine?

Yes, this kombucha is brewed with black and green tea, both of which contain some caffeine.

There is no indication of how much caffeine each serving (473 ml) contains anywhere on the bottle.

kirkland kombucha

Is Costco kombucha carbonated?

Yes, Kirkland kombucha is carbonated.

Like most other brands I’ve tried – including Rise, GT’s, Brew Dr., Booch, and KeVita – it’ll start to lose its bubbles once you open it.

That first sip is incredible but over the course of half an hour, it’ll start to get more and more flat.

Drinking some now and sticking it back in the refrigerator for later will have the same effect.

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Kirkland kombucha nutrition facts

The nutrition facts for this kombucha are as follows:

  • calories: 90
  • fat: 0.5 g
  • carbohydrates: 22 g
    • fibre: 4 g
    • sugar 19 g
  • protein: 0.5 g
  • cholesterol 0 mg
  • sodium: 2 mg
  • potassium: 50 mg
  • calcium: 0 mg
  • iron: 0.2 mg

Here’s the nutrition facts as listed on the back of the box.

who makes kirkland kombucha

Kirkland kombucha ingredients

Kirkland kombucha contains the following ingredients:

  • organic raw kombucha (filtered water, cane sugar, tea blend [instant black tea, instant green tea], bacterial culture)
  • ginger juice
  • whole lemon puree
  • DE111 bacillus subtilis

Costco’s house brand kombucha contains 3% juice and 3.8 billion CFU (probiotic cultures).

Here are the ingredients as listed on the back of the bottle.

kirkland kombucha ingredients

Kirkland organic kombucha Price

This kombucha is SUPER reasonably priced!

In Canada, it costs just $17.99 for eight 473 ml (16.6 oz) bottles!

That works out to $2.25 each which is quite a bit less than the $3.99 I usually pay for a 414 ml (14.5 oz) bottle of Rise kombucha.

That’s $0.004 per ml for Kirkland kombucha versus $0.009 per ml for the one by Rise!

Compared to the two other brands Costco has in the warehouse – GT’s and Brew Dr. – it’s also less expensive.

GT’s costs $17.99 for six 480 ml (16.9 oz) bottles while Brew Dr. retails for $14.99 for six 414 ml (14.5 oz) bottles.

That means that GT’s and Brew Dr. are similarly priced at $0.006 per ml in the warehouse.

Depending on where you live, you can also order it online through Costco’s business centre website.

Obviously, it’ll cost a bit more since online prices factor in shipping.

kirkland kombucha carbonated

Who makes Kirkland kombucha?

Kirkland kombucha boasts that it’s craft-brewed but unlike Kirkland espresso (or other similar products), there’s no indication of who makes it anywhere on the bottles or the box it comes in!

That being said, it is made in the USA which tells me that it’s not Rise or another Canadian company brewing it.

It’s also certified organic by Oregon Tilth so perhaps it’s brewed in Oregon too!

Five notable Oregon kombucha makers include:

  • Brew Dr.
  • Lion Heart
  • Soma
  • Camellia Grove
  • Happy Mountain

I wouldn’t be surprised if Brew Dr. is behind Kirkland kombucha!

Like a certain coffee company that roasts Kirkland espresso (I won’t mention them as I don’t respect their practices), Costco also already carries this brand in-store.

My best guess is Brew Dr.!

kirkland kombucha alcohol content

Is Kirkland kombucha discontinued?

I live in Canada and this is the first time I’ve ever seen Kirkland kombucha in store!

I thought it was a brand new product before I did some research of my own.

As of June 2022, it’s available in store.

Final Thoughts: Kirkland Kombucha Review

I’m honestly super impressed with Costco’s organic kombucha!

It’s packed with flavor and probiotics plus its VERY reasonably priced.

I would definitely buy this one again and hope Costco comes out with more flavors soon – maybe even a variety pack!

Which kombucha brands have you tried in the past? What are your favorite flavors?

Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Kirkland Kombucha Review: Organic Ginger Lemonade”

  1. Hi!
    I’m just trying Kirkland kombucha for the first time. Other kombucha brands list several bacterial cultures that are present in nutrition label. Kirkland’s does not. Surely there are more cultures than the bacillus subtilis that’s listed in ingredients. If you can find out, it will be nice.

  2. The same size bottles in the U.S. have only 70 calories. Maybe they make it sweeter for the Canadian market? Price is about the s at $12.99 USD. My wife and I prefer it to the name brands we’ve tried. The ginger gives it a really nice kick and reminds me of Jamaican ginger beer.

  3. This made me rush to the restroom in about 10min after drinking it, although I hate the taste of ginger, compared to other Kombucha brands the taste is good


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