10 Best Peloton Bike Accessories (for a Better Workout)

peloton bike accessories - must have items

My Peloton has been incredible for getting fit between my busy life as a mom of two and work schedule!

Especially after having a new baby, it’s almost impossible to get to the gym.

These 10 best Peloton bike accessories are things I use every time I do a ride! I hope you love them as much as I do 🙂

You’ll find ideas and accessories for:

  • working out when the kids are asleep
  • getting the most out of your workout
  • staying cool during cycling classes
  • organizing your Peloton room and fitness equipment

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10 Best Peloton Bike Accessories (for a Better Workout)

peloton bike accessories

If you know me from my other blog, you already know that I’m a busy mom of now two girls!

The photo here was taken when our Peloton used to be in my girls’ playroom – M would read books and play with her toys while I did rides during the day.

Sometimes she’d even surprise me and want to lift weights when I did strength training sessions with Robin, haha.

It was great!

But when you manage a household and a business, it can be hard to make time for you.

Peloton lets me prioritize my fitness while being a mom first.

Once the girls go to bed, then it’s time for mama to gather her accessories and get a workout in.

Here are my top 10 picks for busy moms and entrepreneurs!

More Peloton Ideas:

1. AirPods

It’s important to keep quiet so I don’t wake up my kids!

I also prefer listening to my own music sometimes.

AirPods are a great clean cord-free way to get extra pumped up for your workouts.

They also still feel great even when you work up a serious sweat!

2. Heart Rate Monitor

I read a lot of mixed reviews about the name brand monitor so, we decided to buy a Wahoo TICKR Armband.

This thing works flawlessly with our bike and stays connected without any issue!

It also doesn’t feel uncomfortable and sticky when you’re sweating like crazy.

But when we lost the charger for it (during our workout room renovation), I figured how to use my Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor with the original Peloton Bike.

For me, this is a temporary solution until we find the charger though since I like how the TICKR feels invisible during my workouts!

It’s a soft fabric material instead of silicone.

I like the feel of the Apple Watch for day-to-day usage but NOT during my workouts.

Do what works for you.

wahoo tickr vs apple watch

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3. Towels

I love working up a sweat during my spin sessions but a towel is definitely a must when you push yourself as hard as you can!

These microfiber towels are me and J’s favorite.

peloton bike accessories towels

4. Fan

I like having a fan with a remote since I always feel cold when I start my workouts, haha.

About 10 minutes in, I don’t want to hop off the bike to turn the fan on though (hopefully that pause button shows up with the next update).

I love that this Dyson fan is powerful and bladeless, so I don’t have to worry about my kids sticking their fingers in it while I workout!

5. Yeti Tumblers with Chug Caps

I bought two YETI 18 oz Ramblers because they fit perfectly in the Peloton’s water bottle holders and actually keep my water cold!

The Yeti Chug Caps also make having a drink mess-free.

I don’t like ice in my drinks and the glass water bottles I used to use were always so warm by the end of a 45-minute workout – my water has been cold the next day in a Yeti!

These are the best stainless steel water bottles EVER.

More ways to enjoy your cycling workouts:

6. Workout Mat

I love doing Peloton yoga and strength classes as well as cycling.

A workout mat like this one is perfect for yoga, then just add on a pair of running shoes when you want to lift weights.

best peloton workout mat

7. Weights

I have four sets of weights I use:

I’m not as strong as I’d like to be yet but these weights are perfect for me as a newbie.

best peloton weights

8. Clip on Fan for Spin Bike

Okay, so this is actually a wrap-around stroller fan but it fits on the Peloton bike handlebars PERFECTLY and can be adjusted as you workout!

When I’m in a standing position, I’ll point this fan up under my chin, and when in a seated position, I leave it pointed towards my face.

It’s an incredibly powerful little accessory that makes a big difference!

9. Phone Holder

I often do workouts to my own music!

And since I need one of the water bottle holders for my inhaler, my phone will sometimes get in the way of that.

This phone holder is great because it holds both my iPhone 12 Pro Max plus my AirPods case.

best peloton bike accessories - phone holder

10. Fitness Cart

I have a white RASKOG cart from IKEA that’s perfect for holding my weight lifting shoes, yoga blocks, and other accessories.

It just keeps the space around us so nice and clean!

best peloton accessories - cart

Honorable Mention: Weight Rack

I love how organized this weight rack keeps our workout room. It has a 400-pound weight capacity and holds 8 or more sets (weight dependent, of course).

The 10 best Peloton bike accessories we recommend are:

  1. AirPods
  2. Towels
  3. Fan
  4. Yeti Tumblers with Chug Caps
  5. Workout Mat
  6. Weights
  7. Weight Rack
  8. Clip on Fan
  9. Phone Holder
  10. Fitness Cart

I hope this list of must-haves makes your workouts as enjoyable as it’s made ours!

Happy cycling, friends!