How to Sync Apple Watch to Peloton Bike (Original Bike)

sync apple watch peloton bike

Wondering if you can sync an Apple Watch to Peloton?

Then this guide is for you!

Using your Peloton bike feels so much better when you sync it with a heart rate monitor.

But unfortunately, I can’t find the charger for my Wahoo Tickr at the moment – DOH!

So I ran a search in the App Store and learned how to sync an Apple watch to a Peloton.

This neat little trick for the Original Peloton Bike is brought to you by an unwillingness to spend $14.99 on another charger for my Tickr – because it will turn up as soon as another one is on the way, haha!

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How to Sync Apple Watch to Peloton (Original Bike)

Download a Heart Rate Monitor App on Your iPhone

If you run a search for “heart rate monitor Peloton”, you’ll be offered a few apps to choose from.

I went with the top choice – HeartCast.

It has an almost 3.5-star rating on the Apple App Store.

Open HeartCast on Your iPhone

After you’ve downloaded the app, locate it and open it on your iPhone.

You’ll see some information on how to use the app first.

apple watch heartcast app peloton

Click Continue.

Next, your phone will ask you to “Press start on HeartCast Watch App!”

Open HeartCast on Your Apple Watch

Click the toggle button on the side of your Apple Watch to open your Watch Apps.

Locate and tap on the HeartCast Watch App.

It’s the little red heart icon with the wifi symbol in the center of it.

apple watch heartcast app

You’ll see your current heart rate with a green Start button below.

Click this.

Connect Apple Watch to Original Peloton Bike

Now, that you’ve activated HeartCast on your watch, choose a Peloton class or Scenic Ride to share your Heart Rate.

Click on Heart Rate Monitor.

It may take a couple of seconds, but the app should appear under Available Devices as “HeartCast-the mobile device it’s connecting from” – helpful when you have multiple Peloton users in your home like us.

Once you see the Disconnect option, your Apple Watch should be paired with your Original Peloton Bike.

heartcast app paired with peloton original bike

HeartCast Not Working with Peloton

If HeartCast on your watch isn’t connecting to your Peloton bike even after it says a connection was established, try restarting your Apple Watch!

This fix resolved the issue for me and I’ve had a pretty easy time connecting since.

It actually automatically connects when I turn the bike on now!

Before restarting my watch, I kept getting an error that reads:

HeartCast is having trouble reading your heart rate. Please wait a few moments, then confirm Health permissions on your Apple Watch and restart HeartCast.

heartcast not connecting peloton error

However, after checking that permissions were granted for HeartCast to write data to Health, I did a reboot of my watch and this took care of the issue.

I knew my problem was resolved when my phone displayed my heart rate just like my watch!

heartcast phone sync peloton bike

After that, it showed up on my bike’s screen within seconds.

Another suggestion that HeartCast makes on their website is to decline your Peloton’s Bluetooth Pairing prompt.

This pairing request is an incorrect response that asks you to pair your device AGAIN even if you’re already paired.

At first, I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to use my AirPods at the same time as HeartCast but the problem was completely alleviated when I paired HeartCast FIRST and then my AirPods afterwards.

apple watch peloton sync

Apple Watch Not Connecting to Peloton

Another reason your watch may not be connecting to your Peloton is because you’re using a feature that’s not supported by the Original Peloton Bike.

The original doesn’t support Apple Watch’s GymKit feature like the Bike+ which, I must say offers some pretty spectacular upgrades!

To connect your original bike, you’ll need to use HeartCast or another similar app.

A couple of other popular App Store options are:

  • BlueHeart Bluetooth Heart Rate – Displays ads unless you pay for a premium version ($9.99)
  • WATCH LINK – requires Pod accessory purchase ($49.99)

I chose HeartCast because it’s a FREE and temporary solution for my needs while I wait to use my Wahoo Tickr one day!

If you do have a Peloton Bike+, you can easily connect it to your watch using the instructions to enable GymKit below.

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How to Sync Apple Watch to Peloton Bike+

Have a Peloton Bike+?

Syncing your Apple Watch with the latest bike is a breeze!

All you have to do is enable GymKit on the latest model.

Enable GymKit on Apple Watch

Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.

Scroll down and select the Workout App.

Enable Detect Gym Equipment.

Pair Apple Watch with Bike+

Select a Peloton class or Scenic Ride.

Live Class

Wait to pair your watch – the countdown timer must be at 1 minute.

On-Demand/Scenic Ride

Choose your class and click Start.

Place your Apple Watch face to the left of the camera on your screen.

Your watch will vibrate when a connection has been established.

Click OK on your watch to accept.

Start your workout!

apple watch heartcast strength class

Apple Watch vs Wahoo Tickr

The HeartCast app for Apple Watch offers a clever way to use your watch as a heart monitor for your Original Peloton Bike.

And it can be paired very easily paired over a Bluetooth connection.

However, while I love how easy it is to connect my Apple Watch to my Peloton, I’ll most likely go back to my Wahoo Tickr once we are reunited with the charger.

wahoo tickr vs apple watch

The strap on this Heart Rate Monitor is super soft and I love the way it feels almost non-existent when I’m in the midst of a grueling workout!

In the meantime, I sure am happy about modern technology.

Because working out without seeing my heart rate on the screen just wasn’t the same.

As much as I know I’m pushing myself, there’s something special about those numbers that just validates the effort your put in and makes you want to work THAT much harder.

Happy Cycling, Pelofriends!