The Complete Peloton Hashtags Guide: 2022 Essentials

Using Peloton hashtags is a fun way to add an extra dose of personality to your user profile. 

peloton hashtags how to guide

You can use them to connect with other like-minded community members and to send encouragement to the people working out live alongside you! 

Peloton instructors even have their own team hashtags!

This complete guide to Peloton hashtags features everything you need to know to have fun and take advantage of this fun community feature including: 

  • What is the point of Peloton tags
  • List of Peloton hashtags
  • Popular Peloton hashtags
  • A list of Peloton instructor hashtags
  • How to create hashtags for your profile
  • How to delete hashtags on Peloton
  • How to search hashtags
  • How to search hashtags during rides
  • The difference between blue and white hashtags

Keep reading to learn more! 

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The Complete Peloton Hashtags Guide: 2022 Essentials

This all-in-one guide to using hashtags on Peloton will teach you how to add tags to your profile, how to search popular and trending hashtags, plus why you should.

Let’s start with a very common question!

What is the point of Peloton tags? 

I used to wonder the same thing until I joined the Hardcore group on Facebook! 

This wonderful community is filled with daily Peloton users and others looking to inspire and be inspired by others’ accomplishments. 

It’s a fantastic group to be a part of and I love the positive energy here. 

Since becoming a member of Hardcore, I also find myself filtering by hashtags during my rides so I can give my hardcore family love on the leaderboard! 

Seeing how you compare to others in your tag is also a fun way to motivate yourself to push harder every time you ride. 

There are a ton of other active communities on here too including Peloton moms, teachers, and more.

More ways to get the most of your workouts:

List of Peloton Hashtags

Keep reading for a list of: 

  • Popular hashtags
  • Instructor hashtags
  • Ideas for hashtags

Popular Peloton Hashtags

At the time of writing this post, the 10 most popular Peloton hashtags are: 

  1. PelotonMoms
  2. BlackLivesMatter
  3. PelotonNewbies
  4. WorkingMomsofPeloton
  5. TogetherWeGoFar
  6. Pelo4Wine
  7. PelotonDads
  8. BooCrew
  9. hardCORE
  10. FeelGoodLookGood
popular peloton hashtags

Peloton Instructor Hashtags

Here’s a list of hashtags for each Peloton instructor. 

Support your favorite by adding their tag to your profile! 

Aditi Shah

Adrian Williams

Alex Touissaints

Andy Speer

Becs Gentry

Ben Alldis

Bradley Rose

Callie Gulickson

Cody Rigsby

Chase Tucker

Cliff Dwenger

Christine D’Ercole

Daniel McKenna

Denis Morton

Emma Lovewell

Jess King

Jess Sims

Hannah Corbin

Hannah Frankenson

Jenn Sherman

Kendall Toole

Kristen Ferguseon

Kristen McGee

Leanne Hainsby

Marcel Dinkins

Matt Wilpers

Matty Maggiacomo

Olivia Amato

Rad Lopez

Rebecca Kennedy

Robin Arzon

Sam Yo

Selena Samuela

Tunde Oyeneyin

How to Create a Peloton Hashtag

Creating a hashtag on Peloton is easy. 

Just visit your profile on the Peloton mobile app and tap the Tags button under your username and location. 

peloton leaderboard profile

Click ADD TAGS. 

Tap Search or Create. 

In the Enter a tag field, start writing the tag you want to add or search for a tag that’s close to it. 

search peloton hashtag

Tap the + icon and your new tag will be listed on your profile. 

add new hashtag peloton

Easy peasy! 

If you want to connect with other members from a new tag, click the text to first view other Peloton riders using it. 

Then, tap their usernames or photos to start browsing how active they are. 

It can be a lot more fun to use a tag that features plenty of active members. 

How to Delete Hashtags on Peloton

To remove a hashtag from your Peloton profile, open the Peloton mobile app and tap on the Profile menu. 

Click the Tags button below your username and location. 

Tap the hashtag you want to remove. 

delete peloton hashtag

Tap the ADDED button to remove the hashtag from your profile. 

add peloton hashtag


More Peloton tips:

How to Change Your Leaderboard Hashtag on Peloton

To change your leaderboard hashtag, open the TAGS menu on the Peloton mobile app. 

peloton leaderboard hashtags

Tap the blank circle next to the hashtag you want to feature on your profile. 

The Star icon will now appear next to your new LEADERBOARD TAG. 

peloton leaderboard tag

How to Filter Hashtags During Peloton Classes

To find community members based on hashtags during a class, tap the FILTER button to the right the LEADERBOARD. 

Select Filter by Hashtag and choose the tag you want to see. 

You can also compare ALL TIME to HERE NOW for that same hashtag. 

Explore New Peloton Hashtags

Looking to connect with new Peloton community members?

Then checkout the EXPLORE tab in the TAGS section of your profile.

You can browse through the following hashtags:

  • Trending
  • Featured
  • Friends
  • Popular


These hashtags are growing especially quickly in popularity lately.


Discover fun hashtags Peloton is highlighting right now – #BeersAfter is a funny one I like and am seeing more of on the leaderboard lately!


See which hashtags your friends are using most in this section that highlights the number of friends using them.

friends peloton hashtags


As already discussed above, this section of the EXPLORE tab shows you the most popular hashtags being used on Peloton right now.

There are 99 total hashtags displayed (yes, I counted, haha) ranging from 7,100 to 370,000 uses.

Fun Fact: The most popular Peloton hashtag is #PelotonMoms.

What is the difference between blue and white hashtags?

You might notice that some hashtags appear blue and others appear white during classes.

Blue hashtags simply highlight tags you’ve added to your profile and white hashtags show which hashtags you haven’t.

Peloton Hashtags are fun!

Using hashtags on Peloton can be a fun way to connect with like-minded riders or showcase more of who you are.

You can even use them to support your favorite Peloton instructors by using their team hashtags!

Have you filtered classes to find other riders with your favorite tags yet?

Who are your favorite Peloton instructors? Mine are Ben, Sam, and Callie!

How will you use hashtags on Peloton? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy spinning, Pelofriends 🙂