Honest UNSPONSORED Coco Village Review: We Bought a House Bed

coco village review house bed

This Coco Village review is NOT sponsored and was written based on our honest opinions as parents and minimalist design lovers.

Honest UNSPONSORED Coco Village Review: We Bought a House Bed

I spent about a year and a half looking for a cute and reasonably priced house bed.

I wanted to design a perfect rest and play space for my oldest daughter without breaking the bank!

Coco Village showed up in my Google Results at the perfect time.

So, what did we think of our House Bed when it arrived? Keep reading to see what we liked and what we didn’t!

This honest Coco Village review covers:

  • where is Coco Village made
  • where is Coco Village located
  • an overview of beds this company offers
  • a detailed house bed review that analyzes style, quality, comfort, and stability
  • tips for decorating, safety, and dealing with sizing issues
  • an overall number score for each of these categories
  • whether or not we’d buy from this company again

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Is Coco Village a Canadian company? 

Yes, but their products are NOT made in Canada. 

Where is Coco Village made? 

Coco Village’s products are mostly made in China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. 

According to their about page, they design all products in Canada and have “workshops around the world”.

Our House Bed was made in China.

Where is Coco Village located? 

Coco Village is located in Saint-Bruno, Quebec, Canada. 

Who is Coco Village?

They’re parents and designers! 

No other details are available on their website. 

Coco Village Beds

Coco Village offers a lot of cute bed options for children including the following styles: 

  • house
  • teepee
  • house bunk beds
  • treehouse bunk beds

All of the styles are really cute but I’m a little skeptical about investing in more after how off the sizing was. 

That said, our house bed was a FRACTION of the price of something similar from Etsy. 

coco village house bed reviews

Our double/full-size house bed cost $449.99 Canadian from Coco Village (with FREE shipping) and through a Canadian Etsy seller, we would have been looking at $655.00 PLUS $140.00 shipping! 

That’s a difference of $345 Canadian! 

If we wanted to, almost enough to pay for a second bed for my littlest! 

Pretty significant if you ask me. 

coco village beds

Coco Village House Bed Review

I was SO excited when we FINALLY bit the bullet and ordered our oldest daughter a special Montessori floor bed! 

We wanted something cute that would make it fun for her to start sleeping independently – and Coco Village had what we wanted for an affordable price. 

So we order a white double/full-size house bed and waited on the order to ship. 

It was a pre-order at the time so we had to wait a bit – not sure how long exactly, but it was at least a couple of weeks. 

We were in lockdown at the time, so it wasn’t a big deal since we weren’t going anywhere anyway. 

When the bed arrived, it was packed in a cardboard box just like you’d expect. 

The instructions were a bit limited but it was fairly easy to put together. 

I just had to help my husband with a couple of the beams. 

coco village assembly


We absolutely loved the look of it once it was all set up! 

There were a couple of spots that were poorly painted (will upload photos of this soon) and I also didn’t like the fact you can see these holes on the outside no matter what angle you stand at. 

I feel like this could have been less obvious. 

BUT if you decorate the bed with tool or lights, it makes all of these things less of an eyesore! 

Here’s how the bed looked lit up at night.

I bought battery-powered lights with a timer so they’d turn on at bedtime and off a couple of hours after M fell asleep.

coco village house bed review

We used to have tool at the front and back of the points of the bed to give it a princess-like look but we ended up removing the front beam since everyone keep smacking their heads on it!

Pro Tip: When you bring up your child from the car to their bed, this also makes it easier to tuck them in without (1) breaking your back and (2) waking him or her up!


After putting our daughter’s full-sized mattress in this supposedly full-size bed frame, we were EXTREMELY disappointed that it wasn’t the right size. 

You can see the massive gap in the photo below. 

coco village house bed measurements

And this is slightly pushed out – if you’re kid rolls off this bed frame, they’d probably going to hit the frame on their way down and wake themselves up overnight.

Not cool!

All of us find that you end up kicking it (and HARD) every time you try and climb in bed this way too. 

So instead, we’ve made do with it and put one of M’s old bumper rails on the sidewall to help push the mattress into a more appropriate position. 

It’s not pretty but it works.

house bed measurements

You’ll also need a second standard-sized pillow for the gap at the end of the bed if you use a soft bumper like we have.

However, this does make it a pain to reset the bed every time M wakes up.

Even with Queen sized sheets, the bumper still tends to roll up the mattress and end up on top of it! 

But at the end of the day, were the sizing just done correctly, we wouldn’t have to come up with these ridiculous (albeit creative) solutions. 

I’ve also stuffed cute pillows on the side of the bed to position it correctly but again when my child sleeps in her bed, it’s a pain to fold it back up when she moves her bedsheet and the pillows fly up with it! 

Speaking of bumpers, here’s the other bumper being used correctly – it helps to prevent her from rolling out of the bed.

coco village play in house bed

You can see the slight lift by M’s feet.


Besides the tedious resets we have to do, the bed frame itself is fairly comfortable although I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that M’s mattress is super comfy. 

It gives enough lift to the mattress to take it off the ground but I no longer have to worry about my little girl rolling out of bed from a distance – she is a VERY active sleeper and I’ve still found her on the floor in front of this bed a couple of times! 

M never ceases to amaze us! 

coco village reviews


The frame is also SUPER wobbly. 

I’m not worried about the thing coming crashing down but I would be concerned about taking it apart and building it at a new home. 

It reminds me of lower-end IKEA furniture (although WAY prettier). 

coco village bed review

Coco Village House Bed Overall Score

I’ll rank the house bed with the marks below: 

Look: 9/10

Measurements: 3/10

Comfort: 8/10

Stability: 4/10

coco village canadian company

Would you buy from Coco Village again? 

Honestly, I’m going with maybe! 

They have a lot of cute and trendy products that are super photogenic and their catalogue is reasonably priced.

A lot of these things are even made with natural materials – because who needs more plastic toys for their kids! 

I love my girls playing with wooden toys because they’re: 

  • beautiful to look at
  • encourage creativity 
  • have great resale value (especially compared to plastic toys) 

Now, would I spend $2,000 on a bunk bed after buying our incorrectly sized house bed? 


I’d recommend sticking to more modestly priced items in case of discrepancies like this because the last thing I want is one of my kids rolling into a gap when she’s sleeping in an elevated bed!

However, if you’re looking for a low-cost solution to design the kids’ room of your dreams, Coco Village is worth a shot.

Just make sure you get a couple of bed bumpers or another soft item you can place between the bed and the wall to accommodate for sizing discrepancies!

Hope you found this review helpful, friends 🙂

Happy decorating, friends!