Where to Put Your Peloton (in Small Space)

This Where to Put Your Peloton (in Small Space) Guide is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest experience as a busy mom working on her fitness!

Having a beautiful exercise space can be the difference between staying motivated and giving up on your fitness routine.

peloton small space

Because let’s be honest – if you’re using your Peloton for clothing storage, are you actually using it?

Small spaces can be tricky but getting creative with decor and organization helped me create a workout area I was super proud of and excited to use.

Keeping reading this Peloton room ideas guide for:

  • where to put your Peloton
  • a tour of my Peloton small space
  • tips for an affordable storage cabinet
  • what to keep in your workout space
  • choosing between the bedroom or living room

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Where to Put Your Peloton (in Small Space)

When we first got our Peloton bike, we knew it would live upstairs.

We ended up putting it in the second bedroom (which was a toy room for our daughter at the time).

It worked out great – some days she’d even play while I worked out!

After we renovated the basement and removed a REALLY outdated cabinet, I had this idea of putting the bike in the laundry room though!

I wanted to create a little workout corner down there and was excited about having a more solid surface for the bike to live on.

Here’s what it looked like.

peloton in small space

Peloton in Small Space

The best way to maximize your Peloton workout space is to think vertically.

How can you organize your gear on the bike and on the wall?

I purchased a couple of accessories for my bike including:

  • phone/air pods case holder
  • clip-on bike fan
  • Wahoo Tickr fitness band

Now, the Wahoo Tickr was a replacement since I lost my first charger somewhere (having two different fitness bands for two different people to workout is also nice for obvious sweaty reasons).

That said, I learned that keeping the charger somewhere near the bike would help me from losing it in the future.

I also have a SpinTray, yoga bolsters, yoga blocks, and a yoga mat I’d like out of my kids’ reach!

peloton shelf diy

Peloton Storage Cabinet

I decided to go with peg boards and added a few hooks and bins to organize them.

Those gorgeous wooden cabinets you see on Pinterest all the time are SUPER expensive and this was a really affordable solution.

With shipping to Canada, an Etsy Peloton shelf would have cost us over $300!

My peg board setup was one-third of that.

peloton wall shelf

The hooks are an awesome place to hang your cycling shoes and a designated pair of runners for floor work!

I keep a charger for my fitness tracker and a portable fan in the peg board cup.

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Peloton Workout Room Ideas

Keep your space looking beautiful so you stay motivated to work out!

Peg Board Organizer

From my own experience, I can tell you that adding those peg boards and a weight rack made me spend more time in this space.

peloton shelf

I love how beautiful it looks and it’s just so inviting!

Standing Mirror

I’d also recommend getting a full-length mirror in your gym – something like this is perfect.

Our mirror leans against the wall and can be moved between workouts since there’s an entry door in that small space.

You can see the handle just behind this photo!

peloton room ideas mirror

Weight Rack

I had a LOT of dumbells at one point so a weight rack was a must!

This affordable dumbbell rack held our 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb, and 30 lb free weights sets with room for another set.

peloton storage

More Strength Training Ideas:

Rolling Cart Organizer

If you’re not comfortable with putting holes in the wall or just prefer the idea of keeping your gear on the floor, a rolling organization cart is great!

This is what I used to have when we had our bike upstairs.

I kept our yoga mats and bolsters in a wicker laundry basket like this.

peloton storage ideas

Art Work

I also purchased two large posters that read “Inhale” and “Exhale” for my gym space.

As someone who really enjoys yoga and uses exercise to calm my nerves, this reminder is a good one.

peloton decor

You could also get Peloton room lights, a wooden logo sign, or even your leaderboard name for your small space.

A chalkboard calendar is another cute accent to keep track of days worked out!

More Peloton Tips:

Peloton in Bedroom or Living Room

When it comes to the bedroom or living room Peloton bike debate, I’m team bedroom all the way.

That said, I have kids and they LOVED pushing the pedals and playing with the bike.

So closing the door to that space was a must for us.

While the bike is beautiful to look at, I also think that seeing it all the time could cause it to blend in with its surroundings.

Keeping it in a designated space you don’t spend all day in makes it exciting though!

Currently, my home office is upstairs in our living room so, I tend to spend a lot of time here (although I did have my bike in my actual office downstairs for a while before moving it to the new gym space).

But having a space devoted to exercise helps my mind switch gears when I enter that space.

Give it a try and see how you feel!

peloton room ideas

Peloton in Small Space: Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these exercise room ideas and images from my own gym space!

A little wall decor and a peg board organizer go a long way – plus they’re super affordable.

I love my small space peg board setup for storing:

Having a small weight rack is also great for storing dumbbells and even kettlebells.

I recently switched up my workout routine and use the bottom of this weight rack to hold my 18 lb, 36 lb, and 72 lb kettlebells!

My 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, and 20 lb dumbells all fit perfectly on the sides which are way more secure than the top rack (I have two small kids who are VERY curious about my gym space so this is important to me).

What are your favorite Peloton small space room ideas?

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy spinning, friend!


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