10 Croatian Food Products (You NEED to Try!)

top croatian food products

I always get nostalgic whenever Croatia is competing in a soccer tournament!

This list of 10 Croatian food products that EVERYONE needs to know about features store-bought favorites that have been staples in my family for three generations.

You can even buy most of these things on Amazon!

Keep reading for a list of delicious Croatian snacks and staples to get you into the mood for Euro 2020 including:

  • chocolates
  • candy
  • cookies
  • tea
  • spreads
  • seasoning
  • pâté
  • cheese

Go Vatreni! Go Croatia!

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10 Croatian Food Products (EVERYONE Needs to Know About!)

Let’s get started with a couple of popular grocery store items you may have already come across.

croatian food products

1. Vegeta

Both of my grandmothers would literally put this stuff on everything – and we loved every minute of it!

From fried chicken to rice, Vegeta just adds so much flavor to every meal.

These days, I choose the Vegeta Natur option for my family.

As the name suggests, the ingredients are more natural and it doesn’t contain MSG like the original.

croatian food product - vegeta

2. Chamomile Tea

Whenever we got sick, the blue Podravka Kamilica box would be the first thing to come out of the kitchen!

It’s so neat to see North American (and even local) brands using Croatian chamomile in their teas.

This tea is delicious warmed up on its own or sweetened with a little bit of med (honey)!

3. Bajadera

This is THE Croatian chocolate.

Whenever we’d visit family or friends or needed a gift for someone, my grandparents would pick up a big box of Bajadera.

And honestly, I think it’s one of those grocery store food products that’s a perfect way to introduce others to your Croatian heritage.

It’s a delicious chocolate that makes you proud of your roots!

4. Napolitanke

I swear, my Dedo (dad’s dad) had boxes and BOXES of Napolitanke in his house at all times.

He loved these things!

As a kid, I’ll admit it – I thought they were good but I wasn’t that crazy about Napolitanke.

But now that I’m a coffee loving adult, gosh are they good in the morning or as an afternoon treat!

My favorite flavors are:

croatian food - napolitanke

5. Ajvar

If you’ve ever been to Croatia, have Croatian friends, or were blessed to be part of a Croatian family, you already know that we like meat!

And ajvar spread is the perfect compliment to almost any traditional meat dish.

This red pepper spread can be purchased in heat levels from mild to HOT!

Podravka’s ajvar is one of the BEST around.

Our Favorite Croatian recipes:

6. Pâté

Croatians like meat.

Fresh meat, tube meat, and even meat in a can!

Tea time pâté is exactly what you think its for – an afternoon snack with your afternoon pick me up.

My Slovak husband SWEARS that Croatian pâté is the best he’s ever ever had.

And I think he’s right (I don’t think I’m biased, haha).

Our favorite Gavrilović pates are a lot fluffier than the average German and Polish pâtés that are available are grocery stores.

We recommend trying:

7. Jam

Dalmatia Spreads are easily the most popular Croatian jams available in North America.

I’ll never forget the first time I came across them at Whole Foods – it was mind blowing to see Croatian food products available at a non-European grocery store.

Our favorite jams are:

8. Ki-ki

These little candies (as my oldest daughter calls them) were my favorite as a child.

Ki-ki have the chewy texture of other popular European candies that almost feels like gum until you get further through it.

You’ll find a variety of candy flavors in the tutti frutti flavor including strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and orange.

croatian food products - ki ki

9. Dorina Milk Chocolate with Puffed Rice

I warn you – this sweet treat is addictive.

Dorina milk chocolate with puffed rice has a beautiful crunchy texture that makes it feel more like a meal replacement bar than a milk chocolate bar!

This is literally my favorite chocolate on the face of this earth, haha.

10. Pag Cheese

Paški sir is a world reknowned Croatian cheese from the island of – you guessed it – Pag!

Because of the strong winds and resulting salt, there isn’t a lot of vegetation on this island.

This special cheese is made from sheep’s milk and it is exactly their unique diet that gives the cheese its distinct flavor.

The sheep feed off of grass, shrubs, and aromatic herbs – most notably, sage.

More recipe ideas:

Where to Buy Our Favorite Croatian Food Products

We love shopping on Amazon in addition to the local European markets here in Vancouver, BC.

A few local places you can pick up Croatian grocery store items include:

  • Tina European Deli
  • Zagreb Imports
  • Natureway Market
  • Freybe Gourmet Foods
  • Whole Foods

Dobar tek, dragi prijtatelji!

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