yeti mug review

Yeti Mug Review: It Really Does Make Mornings Better!

This Yeti Mug Bottle Review is NOT sponsored and was written based on my honest experience as a busy mom who constantly misplaced and forgets to drink her coffee! I love starting my morning with a cup of coffee but being a mom always comes first. This means that by the time I’ve served everyone their breakfast, … Read more

coco village review house bed

Honest UNSPONSORED Coco Village Review: We Bought a House Bed

This Coco Village review is NOT sponsored and was written based on our honest opinions as parents and minimalist design lovers. Honest UNSPONSORED Coco Village Review: We Bought a House Bed I spent about a year and a half looking for a cute and reasonably priced house bed. I wanted to design a perfect rest and … Read more

ikea vallentuna sofa review

Honest IKEA Vallentuna Review (REAL Owner Review)

We’ve had our 6-piece sectional for 3 years now so, it’s time for an honest IKEA Vallentuna review! Keep reading for: a comparison between the regular and storage seats comfort rating and comparison against KIVIK available colors a review of assembly washing instructions is the Vallentuna worth it We’re a real family who actually owns … Read more

ikea kitchen remodel before after renovation

IKEA Kitchen Remodel: Before and After (Unbelievable Difference!)

I’m so excited to show you guys our IKEA kitchen remodel before and after photos! As we’re just about finished renovating the entire house from top to bottom, it’s never felt like a better time to start talking about the process of buying and redoing a fixer upper. When we bought our new house three … Read more